Friday, May 9, 2008

Old hag in a bag

I'm working through my prospectus. That means that I wandered all over the grid tonight, poking here and there in search of an answer or two. Oddly enough, I didn't find any of the answers, but I did find a treasure hunt (at Discord), free hair (Discord group gift), and cute shoes.

Siri Woodget was kind enough to give me the outfit. I kind of love the minimalism of it! I call this look "SL avatars suck because they can look cute in paper bags, whereas if I tried this IRL I'd get my ass laughed off." :D

Tomorrow, the Ach family is off on another long road trip to visit my mother! It'll be nice to be in hot climes, nicer to have an in-house babysitter, and even nicer than that to have my computer with me. (Yes. Addicted.)

***Hair: Discord Group Gift Prim Hair TSUBAKI
***Paper bag: Issues with [TACT] Paper Bag
***Shoeses: /Fuel/ * Liquorice * Bambee wedge
***Skin: Hybrid - Archetype Arcane Hermes Skin & Eyes
***Necklace: Lazy Places [LP] Love Ach Collar


(Before I begin -- props to Savoir Hair for Furry Fridays! Yay!)

I'm feeling a little manic today, if you couldn't tell. I have an enormous deadline, like, right now, and I've got to hit the books hard. Not only that, but the whole family is taking an eight-hour car trip tomorrow to visit my mother for a week, and the house needs to be cleaned...

Which is probably why I'm wearing this cinder-neko-goat getup. I think I'm trying to convey my sense of frenetic pressure as I don my patchwork coat and pick up the broom. The coat is something that I got while visiting the Plush Mall the other day, from The Kitty Box. I like how biblical it is. Very Jacob and the Coat of Many Colors! Okay, it might be a little more Laura Ingalls Wilder, eh?

Speaking of brooms, I do love the free things from **DP**yumyum's apple hunt. There are apples all over the Isle of Tranquility, and they contain neat stuff (including a dress that people blogged last week from amerie's Naughty). I especially like the laundry set on the line, and completely forgot to put out the soap bubbly washing bucket for these photos.

Why the horns? Funny thing, that. I was going to wear a complete avatar kit from Hybrid, but then I noticed that Miss Pennell has had on her fey ears and skin lately. I didn't wanna snitch her style. It's kind of like rarely wearing glasses so as not to be a total knockoff of the lovely Miss Book. I guess us writer types have our individualistic pride, right? I used the horns anyway, because I adore Hybrid's stuff. (There's probably a pun involving horns and cats in here somewhere, but I'm going to ignore it. :D )

***Broom: **DP**yumyum broom - free in the apple hunt
***Horns: Archetype By Hybrid -- Horns (Slvan Nymph)
***Neko ears: !KK! Kalico Kreations Sculptie Ears Stripey Tiger NS
***Skin: Fancy Fairy Marilyn Pink skin in Porcelain, another skin mod
***Collar: Violet Voltaire Gank collar in violet
***Jacket: ^.^The Kitty Box^.^ Patchy Sammy jacket
***Skirt: Kyoot Army from the Mourning Minnu dress
***Nails: Shop Seu blue nails
***Tattoo: /artilleri/ maggie tattoo
***Boots: Katat0nik margin walkers v. 2

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hammered copper is a girl's best friend

Hello! I'm the lucky bitch with the rez day present jewelry, and I'm mean enough to show it all off! My purpose is two-fold actually. First, to thank the kindly people who made me stuff and gave me stuff, and second, to show off their artistry. I have talented friends, and I'm still not sure why they hang out with Miss "I can haz box!"

Tomoyuki Batra LBB LE Arachne Necklace. (Grin. Limited Edition, but he makes lovely things!)

My rez-day party last night was lovely, thanks to hyasynth (who helped organize it) and Heliotropic (who DJed). I worried that about three people would come, and it turned out to be lots more. If you didn't attend, why not, darnit?! (Not getting an invite isn't an excuse :D As if I was that organized :D.) Photos are over here in my Flickr account.

(Shiny Things) Mechanica necklace in gunmetal (thanks for the giftcards, Sakuradawnlei, Elric and Pip!)

We played an interesting party game last night. It was a series of questions that people answered, kind of like Vanity Fair's Proust questionnaire. Where do you see yourself in SL and RL in six months? -- that one garnered interesting responses, mostly "Be better at what I'm doing!" My own answer was, "make something more interesting than a box." Another good question was, what's the weirdest thing you've seen in SL? That question was difficult, but Elric "won" that one by responding, "Llama poop."

Black Opal Circlet by Ella (Tee hee. Ellantha Larsson isn't selling this yet -- thank you so much, woman! Get a vendor!)

Interesting how everyone chose jewelry that was delicate and filigreed as if perhaps that's my style! I'd buy that, given my love of Balderdash! (I was lucky bitch enough to get non-jewelry rez day presents too, and will thank everyone personally for those.)

*~*Illusions*~* Lataine Set with color changing metal (thanks so much Azazeal!)

Funny thing. IRL, I've gotten all of one birthday present. Somehow I don't feel bad at all now. It's interesting how the virtual life can be abundant when real life isn't...reminds me of Christianity's emphasis upon the "abundance of spirit." Since SL is entirely the manifestation of our brains, is it where we create our spirit? If so, my spirit is pretty materialistic...

Lazy Places [LP] Love Ach Collar - Black (<3 Sakuradawnlei, thanks for recoloring this in orange for me.)

***Headband: Tomoyuki Batra LBB LE Arachne Circlet. If you love this, bug him for more. :D (Don't kill me, Tomo.)
***Hair: Tukinowaguma Tw SAKIE Black
***Skin: Curious Kitties Sajiahar in Blueberry
***Arm cuffs: ~silentsparrow~ from the Thorn frock in ashes
***Top: Sn@tch from the Decay Dress outfit
***Skirt: The Closet LinenLongSkirtBLU
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Brocattos in blue

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cigars, cigarettes?

Yesterday I got a notecard from the woman who manages Plush Mall. The notecard contained a tiny, polite beg for traffic, so I hopped right over. Plush Mall is an interesting build. The genre is, hmmm... ramshackled cute, I think, with a lot of fun places to pose and lounge in the middle of the mall. I like themed builds, and this one definitely works, especially for your inner postapocalyptic neko!

Speaking of ramshackled cute, I'm not dressed for this sim at all. I'd put on this group gift lingerie from ~silentsparrow~ (the peacock Coronis lingerie, blogged by Fab Free over here) to match the lovely new Tori Elegance Hat. Then I realized that I wasn't out of place in Vegas! This is clearly my cigarette girl outfit, skirt swaying with my hips as I trot between the slots and the craps.

***Hat: Elegance Hat Tori
***Skin: /artilleri/ Emi skin - Anett makeup sunkissed - Freckles -- 1L Group Gift !!
***Hair: /artilleri/ Myst in platinum blond
***Corset, vest, gloves: ~silentsparrow~ peacock coronis group gift
***Skirt: ~silentsparrow~ Seraph in sea, from the suite
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Party Pumps in aqua and black
***Necklace and earrings: -EARTHTONES- butterfly frolic necklace and earrings

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

An iota of Dakota

"Are you serious about taking pictures with me again?" Asked Dakota.

"Of course!" I replied, because it's always a pleasure to photo next to someone so handsome, femme or homme. Last time we photographed together, Dakota played the nubile young elf to my lecherous roue. This time, I'm the seasoned icy blond and Dakota's America's next honey-haired sweetheart.

We'll be taking Hollywood by storm, just you wait!

I chose Ingenue for our clothing because it seems to suit Dakota. Dakota has a unique shape, and therefore tends to favor sleek and classic lines. Today I saw girl Dakota in a scruffy little hoodie outfit and tousled hair, but within seconds she was transformed into something elegant and saucy.

I let Dakota accessorize us. It's amazing how two people can create outfits that are very nearly alike, and yet look very different at the same time...

Another fine play-time with Dakota. We'll do it again, okay? Don't fret =).

On us both:
***Frock: Ingenue Lady Stardust in red (ach) and black (dakota)
***Hat: Mercury morning hats (when o when will Mercury be back around? It's been 'coming soon' for ages)
***Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Black Leather Ankle Boots

On Dakota:
***Hair: Armidi The Glamorous III
***Choker: Cameo Choker (Dark/Gold)
***Skin: La Sylphide Liliana (Almond/Crimson)
***Eyes: Glanz OceanBlue
***Shape: Dakota's Shapes Lily shape

On Ach:
***Skin: La Sylphide - Liliana - Almond
***Hair: Curl up and dye - Marilyn - ASHBLONDE
***Choker: Balderdash- Entanglement-Choker
***Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - violet plant (big)

The elf herself

New release boots from First Flower, avatar by Hybrid

Philo's got a vision for SL avatars that comes out of the misty depths. I love the unseelie look of these skins and ears, straight from a Shakespearean summer night. An age ago I was a techie for A Midsummer Night's Dream at my high school in NJ. The cast was deeply amateur, the director was smelly in a strange, sweaty, unpleasant way, but I loved the T-shirt that I got for being part of the crew. It was soft-quality tie-dye, and I wore it for about ten years until it finally fell apart.

I'm still feeling autobiographical on my second day of being 35. Can you tell? It's amazing how clothing brings up memories. I put on this scarf by Vette and remembered that I last wore it to show off a new Elegance Hat (I just got one today with a gorgeous bird on it, aptly named 'Tori', and I'll wear it when I'm not adorned with very large ears). My memory is synesthetic -- I remember snatches of conversation when I smell a certain scent, or touch a texture and think of a moment with my child. When I'm thinking of part of an article, I'll remember dressing my avatar... I wonder if this is a sign of senility, or a sign that the world is fracturing into cyber and real, and our memories are going to begin to span both?

Strange days to come...

***Hair: Zero Style * 0 Style * Sayuri *(Black)_M
***Skin, ears, eyes: Hybrid Archetype - Ethereal Phantom
***Scarf: Vette's Boutique shemagh_scarf red
***Outfit (collar, shirt, vest, pants, socks, 11 pieces in all): Vette's Boutique Custom_1
***Boots: First Flower ~FF~ Wych-wood Cinnamon
***Gloves: *katat0nik* (red) Sakura Storm Gloves
***Bracelets: Double Paradox **DP** bracelet set (red)

New group gift skin from /artilleri/, photos and art by hyasynth

I completely derailed myself from talking about Vette's Boutique. One day I was standing in Heart-Cupcakes. Mimi Coral, the designer, was there, chatting with the designer for Vette's Boutique... "I try for classy designs," Vette DeCuir said to Mimi, unaware that she was being stalked by a curious fashionista. I surfed to her shop from her profile and stared around. Indeed, her stuff was nicely made and interesting and classic of line. I snagged this ragamuffin outfit and a scarf that (as I mentioned) I've worn quite a bit since. I guess the lesson is this: one's complete lack of privacy in SL is sometimes good!

Here too is the new gorgeous skin by /artilleri/. I live in /artilleri/ skins, and Antonia sent a group preview out this morning just to tease us. I can't wait to see all the new makeups! Look, glossy 60s lips!

New group gift skin from /artilleri/

***Skin: /artilleri/ Emi skin - Anett makeup Cream - Freckles -- 1L Group Gift !!
***Hair: /artilleri/ Myst in black

Monday, May 5, 2008

Kani in Rfyre

I wouldn't have started blogging at all if not for the generosity of a handful of designers who thought that I had something intelligent to say. This post is dedicated to them -- the sweet creative people who saw a newbie struggling to find a purpose in SL, and who encouraged me to express myself in this blog, in their clothing. To you guys, on my birthday (and rez day, yep, nearly the same day!), Thank You. I've been blogging for almost six months now, and I've loved every moment of it.

This is a lovely dress, isn't it? I had to wear my Kani so that I could show you how naughty the top is, perfect for flashing your chest tattoos! It's Minoan (hence the attachable snakes, not shown), and as cinematic as the rest of Rfyre's outfits. I'd totally rock this in ancient Crete!

***Dress: RFYRE ONDAMI in black and silver, 11 pieces including a more modest top and attachable snake thingies!
***Shoes: Lazy Places Trailmix (not that you can see them.)
***Hair: Kin Kana-white.grey
***Avatar: Lost Furest Kani splotchy female - white and black
***Glasses: Color Change Glasses - Round [hm, can't find creator's name or slurl]
***Necklace: -EARTHTONES- Chakra Long Beads Necklace, pumpkin
***Tattoo: EtchD sin's henna tattoo - tintable

Viva La Revolucion!

I'm back, did you miss me? O boy did I miss yooooou (and the internet. Mmm, the internet). My daughter shone as a little flower girl -- she's a ham like the rest of my husband's family, and waltzed her way down the aisle like she was born for the limelight. So unlike myself, such a shy violet. *grin*

It's my birthday today (5/5), and my rez-day in a few more (5/8). This whole passage-of-time thing is a good excuse to reflect upon my past year. I've had the worst and best of times this year... I'm in graduate school and a mom, and it felt as though whenever I'd get a tiny bit ahead in my studies, my poor child would fall sick. This has resulted in some horrible work!

On the upside, Second Life has been an amazing haven for me this year. Like all moms (and I've met so many on SL), I've got a huge desire to have a room of my own, and SL is the perfect place for it.

MMORPGs allow the mind such potential for growth! The only downside is that they stick your arse in a chair for hours, and your meat body tends to lose any and all muscle tone. So this past year has seen me lose fitness (gotta start dancing again) and gain something important, this blog (my dream occupation, fashion journalism). I think SL is good for this -- you can live out your dream life in SL in a low-impact way. I don't have to invest millions in fine couture in order to wear it and write about it. Nor does my pal Helio have to buy expensive DJ equipment in order to get a room full of people to dance. The end result is that we have a magical place to retreat while we struggle through the rest of our life.

Sometimes it isn't good to escape, right? But sometimes, I think it helps you sort out your real life when you discover what you want to do in your fake life.

In honor of Kodomo no Hi (boy's day in Japan, heh) I'm wearing a kimono by Cherry Tokyo, hair by Aoharu, and an another skin Geisha mod (do forgive me for being slack about the slurls). Today is also notable for being Cinco de Mayo, and the birthday of Karl Marx. Go raise a glass for Karl and me!