Saturday, April 19, 2008

A grigori in the rafters

Azazeal Whitfield of October Rust

My fifteenth guest star is also my first featured boy (because Lawless doesn't count as a guest star, he's a bogger in his own right!). Said boy (fine, he's actually a man) goes by the name of Azazeal Whitfield, and he doesn't make clothing.

First, just what is an Azazeal? I had to look up such a rich and interesting name. Wikipedia (source of all my knowledge) says that he is one of the Grigori, "a group of fallen angels described in Biblical apocrypha who mated with mortal women." Mm, a fallen angel, eh? A naughty one, too.

So far I've blogged women who make skins, hair, eyes, shoes, and pretty outfits, but I've never blogged a Arch-angel-itect. Azazeal is obviously a creature of the night, and Azazeal's architecture is the haunting counterpart to his avatar's look.

I wandered through some of the builds of his firm, October Rust. They are spare of design, meant to be nice to your prim count. Despite this, they are still evocative of a mood, a feeling, as if your avatar has been sent to a pretty house's distant future, in which the family that made memories there have long departed. Only the faded wallpaper can tell the tales created within.

Azazeal is not only a naughty fallen angel, he's a cheeky one as well. I gave him my usual round of questions about inspiration, perspiration and design aesthetic, and he said, "Aesthetic? Or anasthetic? I use wine.. lots of wine." The real answer was, "From gothic decay to pretty french governess; movies, comics, MUSIC an things I see in the real world; people I meet."

The dark angel has built a lot of houses, so many that he's not quite sure how many, including gazebos and hearses, all in just under a year. (Damn, I've been on SL for about as long, and the sum of my creation is still a one-prim box!) He also uses wine and concentration when building houses, and says that the build can never be forced: "If I actively try to build something I have a hard time and end up deleting stuff. If I just have an idea and start work, things tend to flow well."

From the look of his haunting manors, the ideas must flow very well indeed.

Azazeal (up there on the roof of his haunted house)
is wearing Material Squirrel wings, Calico Ingmann Creations hair,
and a Silent Sparrow suit.

Wings for oldbies

I had a conversation with Giuseppe the other day about wings. Giuseppe is radically unlike myself in the way he plays Second Life. He's been around for a few years, lives in the Wastelands, and spends most of his time building interesting things like Second Life card games and big broken-down gameshow arenas. For his card game, he found a picture of n00b Ach in wings. "Wings are a newbie thing, aren't they?" He chuckled.

Actually, yes and no. The amazing shininess of Second Life hits people as they enter and they immediately play with the fantastical elements of it -- like flight, and wings, and super-enormous mechas (*cough* yes I own a huge mecha av, don't you?). Wings were my first really awesome freebies, and I wore them around everywhere.

Then, hyasynth told me to get my arse to Material Squirrel for some real wings, and I donned them with pride. (Although you would've laughed at my expression the first time someone else touched them at a Caledon ball -- why the heck are you playing with my wings?! I had no idea that someone else could feel them up!)

Wings came with this lyrical dress from Fancy Fairy. They're beautiful and accentuate the autumn leaf color and design of the frock. Wings might excite newbies because of their fantastical shininess, but they still excite me after (nearly) a year. Who doesn't dream of being Titania, dancing in the wild woods?

I just noticed the Fancy Fairy post that mentions that today is Wing Fling! I totally planned this. Really.

***Horns: Illusions *~* Ram's Horns: Long/Natural
***Hair: Kin-Neko2-[black]
***Skin: Fancy Fairy Morgaine Skin Light plum w moon - Another Skin mod
***Dress and wings: Fancy Fairy Autumn Lady of the Wood gown
***Necklace: Swallowtail jupiter necklace black
***Bracelet: (Caroline's) Spiked Bracelets
***Shoes: I'm totally wearing an incredible pair of shoes under this but since they're hidden I'll KEEP THEM SEKRIT!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Might as well call me "Bootsy"

boots by weber Stompy Zeppelin Boots

It is me. I am once again wearing boots. I went through a small crisis yesterday where I actually didn't post! I spent the time pondering the fact that it's tough to always write about new items and still maintain my avatar's essential look. I know that the fashion world of SL is interested in the new and shiny (and hell, so am I), but I think I've got to start wearing certain old things over again to be true to my vision of an SL "me." Clothing is the symbolic representation of one's subjectivity, after all!

Schadenfreude Pointy Buckle Boots

Deep thoughts, eh? Anyway, did I mention that I'm once again wearing boots? These are new and shiny releases from four different designers. They're all vastly different in aesthetic, unified by the fact that they're all boots!

Ravenwear Skull charm boots

I have to laugh about the fact that all of these boots are actually very different. The first pair, 713's Stompy Zeppelin Boots, inspired the outfit. I'm wearing conductor pants! I found them at Gigi Couture while shopping around Cherry Buttons. They've got all kinds of colors of these pants, but the striped ones most inspired me to sing "I've been workin' on the railroad, aaaalllll the live-long daaaaaaay."

First Flower ~ FF ~ Witch-hazel ~ Violet

***Hair: Kin-Cassi-black.blond
***Skin: MiaSnow *mia* DAHLIA Skin 8
***Scarf and ear muffs: KyootArmy [KA] Bird Skull Winter Set
***Shirt: ~silentsparrow~ beloved ~group freebie~ in fire (and also the violet shirt, which is not a freebie, in the photo with the First Flower shoes)
***Belt: Kiki's Closet :::kc::: BLUFF [SILVER]
***Pants: Gigi Couture *GC Striped Pants/Capris

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Worms, itadakimasu!

The dolly shape from All Dolled uP is perfect for skins that border on the lush and macabre, and this skin from Ravenwear is no exception. I like the way in which the hand-drawn lashes accentuate the dolly's large eyes, and the way the mottle-colored lips look as though she's been thoughtfully chewing beetles.

Mmm, juicy and full of protein. Speaking of beetles, I've actually consumed silk worms, fried, in Chiangmai while visiting some relatives. They were tasty, especially deep-fried in curry batter. The internal consistency of silk worms is much like walnuts.

Gustitorial diversions aside, the dolly shape also sent me hunting for a short skirt to properly show off a dolly's chibi proportions. I asked Tomo, who pointed me to the correct area of Falln, and I found this adorable wee dolly kimono. Jackal once again helped me fit the waist prims -- the woman has a prim editing addiction! -- and I was all suited up for a gothic Japanese girl's day (granted, a month-ish late).

Worms? Itadakimasu!

***Hair: Aoharu Hair Tanya01d(black)
***Shape: ~All Dolled uP~ Doll Avatar Kit (freebie) [The skins go so well with this shape!]
***Skin: Ravenwear Reconciled striped space
***Necklace: Magika leather bow necklace
***Dress: Falln Minako dress in grey
***Tights: Paper Couture tights in grey - store freebie
***Shoes: J's (main store) Gothic Ribbon Laceupboots
***Tattoo: /artilleri/ maggi tattoo

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

dead bear boots

A kindly friend has been following my "boots with stuff on them" posts, and decided to test my skillz. She handed me the boots in question and I swallowed hard, realizing that my reputation was at stake.

These boots have it all. They have optional blood. They have rope. They have rawhide. They have a small dead bear. They have everything but a 'shoe' attachment -- that's right, these boots are actually cleverly disguised socks. The best part about these boots is their sense of humor.

Is an outfit really necessary with these boots? I put on as minimal an outfit as I could, because really, nobody's gonna be looking at your face. So here, as proof that I will indeed wear any kind of boot with stuff on it, is my post. Fear the boot -- I do!

My face is up here!

***Hair: -Hiccup Mouthful of Cavities in brown
***Skin: ROSEMAR Creampuff Skin - Manhattan - store freebie
***Necklace: Swallowtail Designs Organic necklace
***Shirt, pants: *KUROTSUBAKI* Asian tunic & hot pants in brown
***Shoes: Acid & Mala Creations >M<_Organics Boots with Tedies
***Tattoo: Canimal Henna pack


Japancakes store freebie -- button headband for furry and three human sizes!

The cuteness that is Japancakes has definitely found a niche to fill, and it is adorable headgear for furries. What's more, this headband is totally free, and comes in one furry size and three human sizes. The buttons echo the aesthetic that I see in Japanese shops across the grid, fusing natural colors and found objects into appealing and very wearable shapes.

That's why it goes so well with *THE CLOSET*'s latest release, a tiny little spring tunic that lets your tail flap in the breeze.

So what do you think? Am I a more naturally a wolf or a reindeer? I'm still seeking my animal daemon, but nothing has really hit me as the ultimate "me" yet.

***Hair: /artilleri/ myst in brown
***Headband: Japancakes +j+ Button Headband - store freebie
***Shape, hair, antlers, hooves, skin...: Wingless Emoto's free avatars DSC wolf in chocolate
***Necklace: Japancakes +j+ Daisy Necklace
***Dress: **THE CLOSET** MultipleBorderDress GRN

Monday, April 14, 2008

No use sitting alone in your room

Because you obviously haven't had enough of my nonsense tonight...

Ever have one one of those RL days that seems designed to interfere with whatever you were doing in SL? Darn that RL and it's JOB and stuff. Granted, I absolutely love my job (teaching preservice teachers), but I really wanted to post about this apple-cheeked wonder of a skin!

The skin is Fleur's Boutique Vanilla Parfait, and the pink cheeks reminded me of the glow one gets from dancing. I put on the skin and a tophat, took off all my clothes, and started to hum a grand old tune --

No use permitting
some prophet of doom
To wipe every smile away.
Come hear the music play.
Life is a Cabaret, old chum,
Come to the Cabaret!

Other outfit details:
***Skin: Fleur Boutique Vanilla Parfait 3
***Nails: Fleur Glitter Rose nails
***Hair: /artilleri/ myst in brown
***Hat: *katat0nik* Freebies - Brown Top Hat in small (from the Axis Mundi sim opening)
***Earrings: *THE CLOSET* Gypsy earring set from the Albero gift hunt.
***Chair: Reel Expressions *Luth* Pose Chair

beloved suit

Girl Ach and Lawless hang about in ~silentsparrow's~ beloved suit

Something stirred in my mind when I stared at the fabric of this suit. All the detail, the lacing, the shading -- it's black on black, a rainbow of black. What was it? A long lost childhood memory...

Of young Ach, discovering a strange sci fi book at a used bookstore in Hawaii, Utopia Hunters. When I read it it was above my head, all about Marxism and vast decadent courts that pursued utopian societies only to destroy them (for their own good, of course).

Twenty years ago I was haunted by the description of the dark rainbow, the riotous colors of black that adorn the emptiness of space between utopias. I found the dark rainbow, and my memory, in the brocade of this suit...

Old Fashioned did a lovely post about this suit too!

Lest you think I'm getting too serious, be warned: when you hang out with Lawless and Dove things start to happen, like a sudden influx of bloggers and cross-bearing chimps who obviously all have to pile into the photosphere and take a picture or two...

From left to right: Creamy, Excess, me, Dove hiding behind Lawless

***Suit: ~silentsparrow~ beloved (12 pieces)
Most Awesome Dude Lawless:
***Hair: Armidi Hair - The Individual – Pearl
***Lipring: FNKY - BullRing Double – Lip
***Skin: FNKY - Antonio Tan - H21 Emo & Stubble
***Jeepers Creepers - oslo(black)
***MR design - Eyes set 3 – 31
***Skanks-R-Us - Earlines Piercings
Totally coooool Ach:
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Sarah II in ivory
***Necklace: ::Violet Voltaire:: gank choker
***Skin: /artilleri/ lily (autumn)
***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Asuka in Coal

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Boots with bling

Continuing my fixation with boots with stuff on them, here's a pair that I found while trekking around Mooncat Izumo on the recent treasure hunt. These boots have it all! Copper plates to protect you from stray pebbles, little rabbit heads whose ears have bubbling vials of plutonium, even bling! I removed the bling, but there might be something to be said for evil blinging bunny eyes staring out from your calves.

These are truly post-apocalyptic cute, the perfect outfit for watching Akira or Last Exile. My drow says she'd rather watch Wolf's Rain, for, you know, the violent gory bits.

***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Sarah II -- Midnight
***Skin: Blue Blood Skins - Drow Skin red makeup
***Earrings: .+*Atelier AM*+. Wood cube earrings from the freebie hunt posted about here.
***Boots: **-- J's -- at Umi Usagi E-TANK No6 Rabbit Boots BK 299 BOX -- they bling, the bling script is located in the left-hand eye of each little rabbit. The script can be removed and a no-bling placed into it (thanks, Jackal, for doin' this for me!).
***Shirt: Little Heaven LH_LAG_NA_ROCK_Black part of a freebie outfit blogged over here
***Tattoo: EtchD sin's henna tattoo - tintable
***Pants: Dutch Touch AlleyCat Outfit