Saturday, March 29, 2008

Make the fire, fix the breakfast, wash the dishes, do the mopping

Every now and again Jackal Ennui pauses playing WoW for just long enough to pop into Second Life and say hello. When she does, I always end up in the neatest places.

"Come see!" Jackal said one night, "I'm in Little Heaven, and they have naughty cosplay! And gallows!"

Of course I had to go see naughty cosplay and gallows. So I hopped over and found some truly lovely things. I fell for this dress, which is ripped and torn and frayed and called (fittingly enough) Cinderella. Obviously this is before the fairy godmother turns her into a pink cupcake for the ball.

If I were a prince, I'd go for this version, if only because this Cinderella clearly knows quality wardrobe when she sees it. Brown-grey is so practical for sweeping chimneys! Plus, you can totally go out and rave all night in it, and then return home to wash the floors!

One downside, no underskirt beneath the prim skirt, so you flash skin. I stuck on a pair of long dark pants beneath this dress just in case.

The other cosplay stuff (and the item camping gallows, heh) is well worth a look.

***Hair: ***AOHARU***Steven01c (Espresso)
***Skin: Boneflower Designs, Whispers of the Night Deathly F [Ebon Twilight Stalker]
***Dress: )= LITTLE HEAVEN =( LH_Cinderella Brown (comes with a neck bow and more arm prims)
***Necklace: [CRAP] Pearl & Purple Necklace

Friday, March 28, 2008

More outfit game!

Yes, it's more of the outfit game (last played over here with Violet). This happens when I lure a friend into my abode and start to sneakily change my clothes until I look like they do. In this case, Darkling Elytis looked fetching in the Calico Creations hair, Bare Rose gown and First Flower shoes, so I had to see if I could replicate her look.

I sometimes feel as though the result is as if sisters got together with the intent of going out on the town. You know? Like Paris and Nicky, back when one of them wasn't a jailbird.

I also think that the outfit game stretches my creativity. Very often I get stuck in a rut of looking like, well, me. When I try to look like someone else, I'm taking on elements of their style. In this case, Darkling's trademarks are her long, flowing hair. Her color (dark violet), her gypsy-tatters.

I was inspired to wear a few things that I'd picked up and hadn't put on yet -- this PixelDolls gown, Calico's Mara hair, and the First Flower boots that I haven't worn in a while. I was just at the new store in Dusk to pick up a hat!

Darkling Elytis:
***Hair: Calico Creations Emily in Violet
***Skin: Nomine LE Lirilith
***Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui Isolde in black/black/blue opal
***Dress, roses, stockings: Bare Rose B@R Camellia
***Boots: First Flower Hollyhock Overtone with purple laces

***Hair: Calico Creations Mara in Frosted Midnight (tinted)
***Skin: Fleur Shoujo 6
***Necklace: Balderdash Entanglement
***Dress: PixelDolls (PD) Vivid in Black
***Tights: G.L.A.M. Tintable Tights in light (store freebie)
***Boots: First Flower Hollyhock Subdued in Black

soixante neuf est mignon

::69:: had an Easter hunt at their new main store recently. It introduced me to such an interesting build that I suggest you spend some time there even without shopping. It has an outbuilding, and a library of Alice-sized books, and even indoor topiary hedges. The topiary really got me. I think the little square hedges are even sitting on astroturf!

I'd mentally bookmarked the store as a place to go back and browse after the Easter madness was over. Today I went back and saw -- argh -- matching hats and pumps! I say argh because I stood staring at them for a full fifteen minutes because I couldn't pick the colors I wanted. I finally picked my default black and white, although the olive and pink and blue and maroon were also tempting... This Nymphetamine outfit isn't brand new, but I was looking for something to stick between the hat and shoes that would enhance the cuteness of both. Does it work? It could've been anything, really, because this post is about the accessories.

Speaking of cuteness, I'm totally addicted to this Japanese dolly dress up site. And that's what I'm going to go mess with now that my post is done.

***Outfit: Nymphetamine Paeoti_Ms Chaplin (with gloves, corset, prim skirt, panties, stockings with bows)
***Black tights: Kyoot Army [KA] Group gift, Aya Capri Tights (*Japan)
***Shoes: ::69:: Candy pumps in White with Black Polkadots
***Hat: ::69:: Candy Hat in White with Black Polkadots
***Necklace: ::69:: AX&Skull topchain
***Hair: -Hiccup Dungeons and Dragons in Burgundy
***Skin: Blue Blood Goth Heavy Makeup

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Two dresses, both alike in dignity

Ach in the ~silentsparrow~ Coronis dress suite

This morning I awoke from my peaceful post-prospectus-draft-completion slumber to realize that *gasp* today was the day that hyasynth was releasing the Coronis Dress Suite, the complement to her Coronis Suit!

I fell for the Coronis Suit when I saw the perfect shading on the jacket. The Serendipity Suit is much the same -- a union of fabric and cut and style that melts together to form something greater. This dress suite has a new skirt look for hy -- it's the first time she's done something quite this layered and fluffy. Her other grand gowns, the Delerium, the Serendipity, the Dans Macabre, and the Mille Feuille, have distinctly different skirts. The Delerium and Serendipity have a 1850s bell shape, and the Mille Feuille and Dans Macabre hearken back to the Louis XIV era.

These prim skirts are a definite departure of hy, and I hear that we are to see more of this shape in the future. What do I love about them? The very ~silentsparrow~ patch of gauzy embellishment on the front of the skirt, so that you have to be sure to wear good shoes. :D

The dress has sixteen pieces (augh, the choices, even without the additional matching suit), and there are are as many colors to this dress as there are to the Coronis Suit so that the two sets can intermingle. There will also be a very formal updo from Calico Creations to complement the dress.

I'm searching for the poetry in my mind that usually spews forth when confronted with a blank page, and finding that I spent it all on my prospectus! At least it's done! Ah well, I'll let the clothing speak for itself.

More skirt and top options for the Coronis suite!

***Hair: /artilleri/ myst in brown (first photo) and black (second photo)
***Skin: /artilleri/ lily (porcelain) choco (first photo) and kiss (second photo)
***Necklace & earrings: -EARTHTONES- Conessa in Reverie/Gold
***Dress (including 16 pieces, from socks to panties to skirt to four corsets to jacket and all between): ~silentsparrow~ Coronis Dress suite in Sepia (first photo) and blood (second photo)
***Shoes: SLink Suede Boots in Hot Chocolate (first photo) and Black (second photo)

Ready for more? I'm not done yet! You guys are going to hate me today for such a long post...

Ach in Ingenue's Polynesian Princess

As I've mentioned before, I love freebie hunting because it allows me to explore. I avidly watch Creamy Cooljoke and the various Fabs, and immediately race off to treasure hunt when they post something new. Then, I see how cool the rest of the store is and start to invest... This is how I found this great hair by Aoharu. (You'll be seeing it on Sai Pennell too, I ran into her while shopping.)

I think the hair turns this very gorgeous vintage LBD into something contemporary. Rachel Serendipity's take on the dress looks very vintage (go check out Rachel's blog here), which just goes to show that personality completely determines style.

My clothing personality changes by the day. In this ensemble, I'm ready to go crash The Party with Peter Sellers as my date.

Oh, I forgot to mention the shoes. I realized one day that I own no sandals! I stumbled upon these at the same sim as my new hair fixation, Shop Seu, and made grabby clicks. I like.

***Hair: Aoharu ANN01d(black)
***Skin: Winter Moon WM Another Skin Mod by Arbe; (Rfo) Racoon (freckles) -- store freebie!
***Necklace: ::Violet Voltaire:: Gank collar in white with black stitching
***Bracelets: Digital Dragon Designs DDD Ladies Aggression Arm Bands
***Dress: Ingenue Polynesian Princess in Zombie color
***Shoes: *luly*BIBA_black
***Tattoo: VZ Mart Arm Nautic Stars (onrez dollarbie)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hippie hippie shake

I notice that people are wearing hippie shirts and dresses this SL season. This is my own contribution to the trend, a purplish one by a Brazilian designer housed at the Rahz Store. I must be super-short, because the prims took some adjusting, and I'd actually love some glitch pants under this so that my skin doesn't flash, but I like the floatiness and I feel almost hippie today!

The purple hippie thing goes well with Winter Moon's amazingly cute free Another Skin mod -- minimal lipstick (rare for me), freckles and purple eyeshadow. (Can you imagine wearing as much makeup as we wear here IRL? I'd be doing nothing but staring at my face.) It also goes with Shop Seu's fabulous ponytails. These ponytails wouldn't be out of place at a Phish concert, man, although hippie twirling is right out. If you spun too quickly, the hair could strangle you like a hentai octopus!

Speaking of hentai tentacle rape, I have a rather tough deadline today and I'll spare you my usual blather. Wish me luck, okay? It's my dissertation prospectus, and I feel pretty over my head...

***Hair: *SHOP SEU* --mofumofuhair black--A
***Skin: Winter Moon *WM* Another Skin Mod by Arbel: (Rfo)Wildflower with freckles -- store freebie!
***Necklace, earrings: ::Violet Voltaire:: Spider Cameo in purple
***Hippie shirt: Rahz Store .::SM::. Aztec Jewel Tunic
***Pants: PixelDolls (PD) Cimmaron Pants in black -- store freebie!
***Boots: J's (in Tsukishima) GOTH BeltBOOTS
***Gloves: ~silentsparrow~ armwarmers from the sorrow set in bruise

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Undressed to the nines

The blogger at home in her new studio! Neat graffiti, eh? *grin*

I'm a sleepy Ach today. My child was up all night with allergies. On the plus side, a friend spoiled me rotten by making a custom studio just for my blogging vice! I spent the morning settling in.

That's why I'm slumming around the new pad in my undies. Why dress when you're hanging around the house, eh? Of course, IRL this consists of my least-crumpled PJs and Threadless t-shirt, but SL enables one to look completely glamorous while slumming.

Thank you so much to the kindly women who made this adorable studio possible. ♥

Every woman needs a cat.

***Hair: /artilleri/ jami in black
***Skin: Boneflower Designs, Whispers of the Night Deathly F [Ebon Twilight Stalker]
***Earrings, necklace: ::Violet Voltaire:: Cameo Butterfly Earrings and Necklace in Olive -- free from the Retrology egg hunt that ends at 12 AM SLT tonight (3/25)!
***Lingerie: Ingenue Merry Widow in blue
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Party Pumps in aqua
***Cat: Midnight Melody [MnM] Cat sofa "Big Daddy" Yellow tabby fur
***Rug: The Closet **KnitRug_BLU

Monday, March 24, 2008

I teach, therefore I dress

Today I taught class, so I dressed my avatar super-extra-prim.

This clothing sensibility came from a discussion that I had at the beginning of the semester with the professor that supervises my teaching.

"Can you believe that some of these students go to school observations wearing ripped jeans, or low-cut sweaters without camisoles under them?" the professor boggled.

I bit my lip. This was such a fascinating discourse, the discourse of clothing in a school setting. Jeans were not okay? Revealing clothing is not okay? I guess this means that teachers aren't allowed to be poor, or casual, or have sexuality. I kept these thoughts very much to myself, but conformed as any good product of a system should. Teaching preservice teachers necessitates prim clothing, so I button those shirts right up to the neck.

To be honest, I feel most at home covering up my real and virtual bodies. I'm not sure why I can't put on a tiny skirt and call myself clothed, but I can't. Maybe it's the Thai culture in me?

Clothing notes: Look at those boots! They're a brand new color of my favorite (Shiny Things) Old Laceup Boots. Several more new colors of these and the Comfy Boots are now at Shiny Things.

Also, ~silentsparrow~ has a new group gift, the Tarnished suit, and ROSEMAR has a new set of group gift skins. Fabfree wrote about both of these offers over here.

***Hair: !!amerie's NAUGHTY**aN* Sweet Pumpkin in black
***Skin: Fleur Vivant Cream Rose 3
***Scarf: Dressier neck scarf -- freebie from the Jill in a Box avatar kit :D
***Earrings: (creamshop) Skull Rhinestone earring
***Undershirt: Heart Cupcakes *<3C!* White Lacy Shirt
***Shirt: Pushbutton Industries *PBI* the Wire
***Jacket: ~silentsparrow~ Coronis jacket from the set in silver
***Skirt: /artilleri/ gina highwaisted skirt in black
***Tights: Draconic Kiss Grey butterfly fishnets
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) old boots in hard black
**Nails: Adam n Eve *ae* coffee bean finger nails

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A ponder.

The blogger at home, deep in thought

Avoiding my work just now, I had this thought. Second Life is so infinitely modifiable that I wonder where people draw the line when they alter themselves to dress for the day:

What defines your avatar's personal style?

Do you have a signature, something that you always put on that makes your avatar feel like "you"?

Black and floofy

Today, I got a tip from the SL FREE*STYLE group about a free pair of shorts from !!amerie's NAUGHTY. I hopped right over, spotted the shorts, and ended up liking the rest of her designs too. SEE DESIGNERS? The generate-traffic-via-freebie ploy totally works! (For me, anyway.)

I got sucked in by the ultimate floofiness of this coat (like that adjective? I do too). There's not much better than a ripped up black frock coat, and this one comes with excellent tights too. I like to cover up my torso, so instead of the little shorts that came with the set I put on Schadenfreud's corset and glitch pants from the Crimson Geraldine outfit (do go see the rest of this set, it's got a gorgeously slinky dress that goes with it). I'm also the proud owner of a new crown and necklace from Violet Voltaire, but I'll be wearing this set so much that I don't even really need to point it out. The hair is also from !!amerie's NAUGHTY, and it's choppy and black and edgy and I quite approve.

Eh, but who cares if I approve! What matters is the fact that my inventory just hit over 22K because of Easter! *mutter* Damn SL and it's abundance of holiday freebies. I just can't say no. I think I'll spend some quality time sorting folders now...

***Hair: !!amerie's NAUGHTY* *aN* SpicyHoney Black
***Skin: MiaSnow *mia* DAHLIA Skin - the starlet
***Jacket and socks: !!amerie's NAUGHTY* *aN* Plastic Punker jacket from the set
***Corset top and glitch pants: Schadenfreude Geraldine in crimson
***Boots: (Shiny Things) sleek laceup boots in rust
***Jewelry: ::Violet Voltaire:: Mariposa crown and necklace in rainbow