Saturday, March 15, 2008


Embarrassing story. Last night Rosemary dropped a box of her freebie skins on me. "They're my favorite makeups, and I'm giving them away near the counter of my new store ROSEMAR," she said.

"Wow," I thought, "This is so cool I think I'll tell everyone about this!" So I sent out a notice to the SL Free*Style list... only to show up at the shop and realize that Rosemary hadn't yet put out the free skins!

Oh boy was I embarrassed. Rosemary was very sweet and didn't kill me, and even said that anyone who showed up should simply IM her for the skins. The Free*Stylers who arrived showed their character and said, "Oh no, we wouldn't want to bother a designer!" ...which was equally sweet.

My snafu showed how lovely people can be in SL, and taught me to double-check with a designer before sending a message out to a huge group!

All my idiocy aside, today Rosemary has 12 free skins in her store in honor of her opening at Popfuzz. They're all elegant, and I've been wearing them for a while now. (Tee hee, my favorite part of these skins is actually the tush!) I'm going to link you over to Puma Jie's post for a great review:

[ Puma Jie: I am in love with Rosemary Galbraith ]

***Hair: Aden [Tuli] in Black
***Skin: ROSEMAR Creampuff Almond skin, store freebie
***Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ Limited Edition (Broken) Hart's Blood in silver, sadly all gone now! But the Clair de Lune in silver is a comparable piece.
***Necklace: ::Violet Voltaire:: glitterati in black

Merely frozen dreams

Bet you thought I'd forgotten about Ach the boy, didn't you. No, he was just on probation for his misdeeds (and he says he'd like a few more, it's been boring in time out). He emerged today due to two things. First, the re-release of Schadenfreude's Another Fundraiser Carny skins. Ohhh yes. I put this skin on my boy avatar and felt like I was watching The Crow for the first time all over again.

(Did anyone else have a sick, sad crush on Brandon Lee? He was so painfully lovely in The Crow. I swear that The Crow was my gateway drug to Gaiman's Sandman, because I wanted more depressed, pretty goth boi.)

Second, I got a notice from RahzinhaA Pera that she was opening a shop devoted to "the best of Brazilian and international fashion." I hopped over and saw *gasp* menswear!

First thing I did was make sure Lawless McBride hadn't raided the place yet (he hadn't), then I found two outfits that looked great on Mr. Ach-does-the-crow. Note: there are freebie boxes of goodies (including great sunglasses) on a bench in the menswear section of the store.

I leave you with this deep thought that reminds me of Second Life:

We have seen stranger things in dreams; and fictions are merely frozen dreams, linked images with some semblance of structure. They are not to be trusted, no more than the people who create them.

-- Neil Gaiman, Sandman

***Hair: -=H2L=- Shun Black
***Skin: Schadenfreude Creepy Carny boy skin
***Collar: Teaser from Schadenfreude, not yet released!
***Shirt: Rahz Store's promotion of the best in Brazilian design, "T-Shirt No" by Sensual Mystery.
***Pants: Rahz Store's promotion of the best in Brazilian design, pants from the "MICHEL north island" set by Sensual Mystery.
***Belt: Kiki's Closet :::kc::: BLUFF [SILVER]
***Shoes: Bechenbauer Productions Oi big shark

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Olivia

Yesterday, Morrigan Hyun released a new Elegance Hat, the Olivia. When I was dressing for this hat, I asked Morrigan to suggest a proper hairdo. "Something without fringe," she said, and she was right. This hat reminds me of the ancient origins of the word haberdasher, which referred to someone selling not just hats but other things, like swords or crucifixes or mousetraps (thank you, wikipedia). The hat certainly has a sword-like sweep to its construction, and seems more built than made, if you catch the distinction.

It feels very much like a crown when I wear it, which made me realize that the Queen of England undoubtedly wears hats because she wants people to understand that even without a tiara, she's still the effin' Queen.

I decided upon quiet clothing, too: this free (and beautifully made) grey dress from YIPs. YIPs is a fascinating little shop. Have you been there? It's got four free female outfits, all very different, and all designed with a dramatic scene in mind. In fact, this grey dress comes with a table and table-dancing animations (displayed by Creamy over here).

***Hat: Elegance Hats Olivia
***Hair: ETD Vivian - Black
***Skin: Fleur Cream Fleur (group gift)
***Dress: YIPs grey beauty happy hour (free dress)
***Scarf: ~Vette's~ shemagh scarf in red
***Pin: Balderdash Meadowlark Jabot Pin
***Nails: *Sin Skins* Glitter Manicure Crimson
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Party Pumps in red/black

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I was a proper doll once more

I was a clockwork doll that night,
and I turned left and I turned right
and when I fell and broke to bits,
they recomposed my wax and wits.

I was a proper doll once more,
my manner carefully demure;
and yet a doll of another kind
an injured twig that tendrils bind.

And when they asked me to a ball
although my steps were rhythmical,
they partnered me with dog and cat.

My hair was gold, my eyes were blue.
I wore a dress where flowers grew.
Cherries blazed on my straw hat.

-- "Clockwork Doll", Dalia Ravikovitch

More about the hauntingly pretty formal frock over here on hyasynth's website.

***Hat: Silver Rose Designs Fair marie Little Hat (Dawn)
***Hair: Atelier TEA =AT= Alice / L (freebie)
***Skin: Fleur Vivant Cream Snow Queen 3
***Shape: ~All Dolled uP~ Doll Avatar Kit (freebie)
***Dress: ~silentsparrow~ spiderbaby in blueberry (11 pieces to this set including bloomers, bloomer cuffs, a sleeveless shirt, puffy sleeves, a vest, a corset...there are also four other colors of this!)
***Boots: (Shiny Things) Glossy Ribbon Boots in blue

Bambi releases a new line, The Shelter

Bambi63 Rehula of The Closet

I hopped over to The Closet to see the lovely Bambi's new releases. When I got there, I ran into several fashion-conscious women who were also excited about the outfits. The conversation went something like this.

Dove: We're such fashion whores.

Me: Hey, speak for yourself! I'm more of a fashion courtesan!

Dove: I want a pretty word for myself too!

Me: *hands you 'Paramour'*

Dove Swanson in Ivalde

Dove mentioned that she's been totally addicted to Ivalde this week, and had to buy all of the latest releases. Today, Ivalde also has a free group dress today that looks perfect for spring! (More about that over here at Neferia's blog.)

Then, Sai and Dove and I all trooped down to the cool slightly-hidden bunker that was the inspiration for Bambi's new clothing line, "The Shelter". I can see why the clothes are in this nifty nuclear hideaway -- they're darker and more punk than the rest of Bambi's things, all ripped and burnt and torn as if they've been through heck.

Here I get slightly controversial and mention that it's no wonder that Japanese designers are drawn to dark themes in Second Life. Cyberpunk is inherently post-apocalyptic, and if you think about it, they've already seen the end of all things...

Sai Pennell looking all sleek and lovely

I put together today's outfit with a few things in mind. First, that fluffy hair surely goes with fluffy shirts, and second, that I'm sleepy enough that I'm not sure I'm coherent. My daughter was up all night with a fever, and I put my sleep at around four hours. What to say on a day like this? Good thing we've got enough episodes of Little Einsteins to keep her occupied, and that these clothes (a mix of The Closet and Kurotsubaki) are chic enough to shine through my sleepies.

***Hair flower: /artilleri/ hair flower in yellow
***Hair: Nylon Outfitters (NO) Gilda in black
***Skin: Blue Blood Goth Heavy Makeup
***Collar: ::Violet Voltaire:: Gank Collar in Black
***Undershirt: The Closet **TC in SHELTER** HUNTINGtank_crashBLK
***Jacket: *KUROTSUBAKI* cardigan black
***Belt: Kiki's Closet :::kc::: BLUFF *Midnight [SILVER]
***Pants: The Closet **TC in SHELTER** ToneDenim_BLK
***Tights: The Closet **TC in SHELTER** Dangerous socks BLK
***Shoes: .:Periquita "Bootie" Black Metallic Shoe

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I too am a pattern

Kiki's Closet is a little too nifty. My freebie hat led to a skirt purchase and a belt purchase and another hat purchase and ... *cough*

The skirt is rather short. I don't usually wear arse-skirts in SL (my avatar has some kind of Freudian body issues from her Victorian enculturation, I'm sure), but the belts on this one were far too cute to pass up. Belts in general are fascinating me today, partly because they look neat and tidy and uniform-esque, which is the opposite of, you know, mom-of-toddler.

The bound-up quality of these multiple belts reminds me of Amy Lowell's poem Patterns:

Not a softness anywhere about me,
Only whalebone and brocade.
And I sink on a seat in the shade...

***Hat: Kiki's Closet :::kc::: FLIRT -Dresshat- [BLACK*TARTAN]
***Hair: -Hiccup Highschool Sucks - Black
***Skin: Fleur Cream Paon 4
***Undershirt: Love Cupcakes White Lacy Shirt
***Necklace and earrings: Violet Voltaire Glitterati in Red
***Vest: Nyte'N'Day - vest from the Fit set, Nyte N Day (118, 46, 28)
***Skirt: Kiki's Closet :::kc::: FLIRT - skirt set in [STRIPE] Kauai (222, 155, 21)
***Tights: G.L.A.M. Tintable Tights in light (store freebie) (yeah yeah, I'm always wearing these)
***Legwarmers: *Kitchy Boutique *KB* Maria Legwarmers (charcoal), Beryllium (126, 250, 22)
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Party Pumps in red

You put the sting of mania into a mortal soul!

Tenshi Vielle of [CRAP] and Shopping Cart Disco

I teleported my twelfth guest star over to my studio and what appeared was something cute and fluffy. "Tenshi?" I asked.

"Whoooo?" Tenshi replied, craning her neckless head upward.

Well, not really, but her barn owl avatar was so cute that I begged her to pose with it. I began to think about the symbolism of the barn owl while we took pictures.

"I've always liked birds," Tenshi admitted.

Tenshi likes a number of things, including anime, if you couldn't tell from her name (which means "angel"). She isn't Japanese, but it's clear that her mind goes everywhere.

Owls in ancient Greece were a symbol of Minerva/Athena, the goddess of wisdom. This made internal sense to me, that one of the wise and thoughtful voices of the SL fashion world should be drawn to them. Tenshi's blog is always full of questions that make me think. One post that I remember went something like this: Come on guys, stop blogging the same outfits. When are you gonna show me something new?! Her injunction that writers should show people things that they haven't seen before has remained with me.

What strikes me most about Tenshi is her fearlessness.

Birds appear on the bottom hem of Tenshi's new dress on her human avatar, too. The dress is just as quirky as Tenshi's blog and fashion line. She has yet to produce anything that looks recycled or made just for sales. In fact, she often gives items away for free, especially the items that are made with a strong social consciousness. Tenshi has taken on SL content theft from the top down, not only writing about it at length in her blog, but also keeping us abreast of her work to make the Lindens care about the artistic creations in our world.

I was amused to find these words in reference to Athena, and think they fit Tenshi very well:

Maiden with the sublime heart, Slayer of the Gorgon, Mother of Art in all Your abundance, catalyst of progress! You bring folly to the corrupt and a sense of purpose to the pure!
-- From the Orphic hymn to Minerva

***Owl: TINY LOVE an's shop - barn owl
***Shoes: Hays Uriza
***Dress: Tenshi Vielle's [CRAP] Bird Dress
***Skin: Popfuzz
***Hair: [Aden] retextured "Rhianna" hair, and the Milla bangs

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Procrastination, thy name is Second Life

I'm not procrastinating anything, really. (You mean I've posted five times in the past two days? Er. I plead the fifth, and it's not about procrastination at all, honest. Or that huge paper I have due in a week.)

In honor of not procrastinating, I put on a librarian-esque outfit that's been sitting in my "for blogging" folder for a while now. It's got bits and pieces gathered from Japanese designers, menswear designers, an optician... What's odd is that this is how I dress IRL, more or less!

primOptics sent us writers a few gift certificates to check out their stuff, so I did. I love how fuss-with-able (totally a word) these glasses are. You can change lens color, frame color, shininess, even bling. I wish my IRL glasses could do the same! Hell, if there was a click-button for adjusting prescriptions, I'd be begging my optician to figure out how to replicate the script!

When I put on the Canimal review skin, I was immediately reminded of Scarlett Johansson by the focus on the eyes and light touch to the already noticeable lips. Look at me, hiding this skin behind glasses! Definitely try the demo.

I found the (not free) hair during a freebie adventure to Tekkutekku. They've got a few delightful styles, but I fell for this "I studied all day" look. The skirt is from one of those tiny but drool-worthy Japanese shops called Hushaby. It has a small selection of items, but they're all so creatively made! I look like I've been standing too near post-apocalyptic oil-can fires in this thing! It goes so well with Mr. Magellan's vest and the Sprocket undershirt. I feel like I'm all ready for an adventure...

Evelyn: I may not be an explorer, or an adventurer, or a treasure hunter, or a gunfighter, Mister O'Connell. But I'm proud of what I am.

O'Connell: And what is that?

Evelyn: I'm...a librarian!

(--from The Mummy)

***Hair: =TEKUTEKU= cottoncandy in black
***Skin: Canimal - Essence (Grace) ..of Simplicity
***Glasses: -=primOptic eyewear=- Agile glasses 1.15
***Undershirt: ~silentsparrow~ sprocket undershirt in (scarlet/white) from the suite
***Vest: Mako Magellan Brown Suit Waistcoat free giveaway for the Rue D'Antibes sim opening
***Skirt: Hushaby Baby::: HB-F-skirt
***Socks: *UnTone Quilt* tights (Elephant khaki)
***Shoes: Slink Olivia Suede Wedge Boots Chocolate

Weak woman, fill'd with woe!

Yesterday, Creamy spoke to me so excitedly about Blue Blood that I was instantly intrigued (she blogged about her adventures over here). "These designs are just your style!" Creamy said. I hopped over and quite agreed.

The shop is full of black and crimson (not red, no. Crimson.) and big, floaty dresses all cobbled out of vinyl: thick skirts in neo-gothic-Victorian style, and more and more black.

I met the designer, Ghanima Uriza, and totally loved her look -- a gothic-pale Celestial Studios skin and black hair to match her outfits. She's so happy to be creating that she's sharing lots of outfits (and soon skins) with the Free*Style group, and I was overjoyed to pick up her freebies. I liked so many of her outfits that for this photo, I put on a combination of two!

Ghanima flipped through my blog this morning while we were chatting about clothes. "Oh hey, you like William Blake too! My favorite poem is from Blake, Fair Eleanor."

Curious girl that I am, I immediately hopped off and googled for it. After I read it, I had a flash of insight into Ghanima's clothing aesthetic. No wonder a designer like Ghanima designs clothing such as this!

The bell struck one, and shook the silent tower;
The graves give up their dead: fair Elenor
Walk'd by the castle gate, and look├ęd in.
A hollow groan ran thro' the dreary vaults.
(- more here.)

The poem is dark and dramatic and caught in a moment of heart-racing terror, a suitable setting for these clothes. (Goes so well with the dramatic line of Philotic Energy's new hair, too).

***Hair: Philotic Energy PE Kyeema in black
***Skin: /artilleri/ lily (porcelain) *memphis*
***Tattoo: /artilleri/ maggie tattoo
***Shirt: Blue Blood from the Diableza suite
***Overcorset: Draconic Kiss (Crimson Shadows) from the Claire dress suite
***Skirt, glitch pants, gloves: Blue Blood Vampire Princess

Broken Hart's Blood

India Ingersoll in the LE Broken Hart's Blood, amber

Tonight there was a Limited Edition hunt at ~silentsparrow~. I'm not sure what's more fun, finding the pretty outfit to wear or madly chasing around the sim with other hunters. While there, I encountered this gorgeous woman!

(You didn't get a chance to hunt? No fear. There will be more hunts in the future, I'm sure!)

Now back to bed with me...

Hearts flutter and race
The moon's on the wane
Tarts mutter their dream hopes
The night will ordain

And I've hawked all my yesterdays
Don't try and change my tune
Cause I thought I heard a saxophone
I'm drunk on the moon
-- Tom Waits

Monday, March 10, 2008

More than meets the eye

Neferia Abel of Ivalde

Much like superheroes, designers must all have secret lairs where they create. I guess I understand this, it's their "room of one's own," just like my little secret studio.

Neferia Abel, my eleventh guest star, was no exception. I popped over to her hideaway and was immediately struck by her cheeky grin. "Hello! I dance up here sometimes," Neferia said.

"What do you dance to?" I asked, grinning back.

"Placebo...The Cure...Depech mode..." she answered. Dark music for a cheerful girl!

Perhaps it's not surprising that Neferia is so cheerful. She used to rehabilitate people with serious drug problems, but not any longer. "We moved away from that city. I quit and started work in here. This is now my RL job. I am really enjoying it, always home when my little kids come home from school."

While I snapped photos, I asked Neferia how she fell in love with clothes, because with the breadth of outfits stocked by Ivalde (from the 17th century to the modern day), I had to know. First, Neferia studies fashion history, and second, she's always been in love with clothing. This proved to be a charming story:

"When I was a little girl my mother built a new house. The old one was to store clothes! I had so much fun in the old house, my favorite place on earth. It had clothes from my mother, my grandmother, aunts, everybody. It was heaven for a little girl, I dressed up a lot. I have still some old clothes in my closet, my mom's dresses from the 50s...and I still use them."

I'll leave you with some enlightening words from Neferia's favorite Placebo song, Twenty Years.

There are twenty years to go
And twenty ways to know
Who'll wear, who'll wear the hat

Thems the breaks
For we designer fakes
We need to concentrate on more than meets the eye.


***Hair: Armidi
***Skin: Chai Antique The Ricci
***Outfit: Neferia Abel's own (Ivalde) Hetty, just released today
***Choker: Balderdash Entanglement choker
***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Asuka in snow

Bare sick rose

Whenever I garb myself in something dark and sweet like this Bare Rose dress, it makes me think of William Blake and his meditation upon how pretty things inevitably decay.

O Rose, thou art sick!
The Invisible worm,
That flies in the night,
In the howling storm,

Has found out thy bed
Of Crimson joy;
And his dark secret love
Does thy life destroy.

But there's no decay in Second Life! Just larger and larger inventories!

Someone at Bare Rose must be procrastinating their work just like me, because there's always something new and pretty to see, and they create about as much as I've been posting lately. :p

I thought the dress went nicely with one of Rosemary Galbraith's elegant new skins in my favorite makeup (watch for her store opening in Popfuzz!), and with Philotic Energy's new Deschanel hair.

***Hair: Philotic Energy PE Deschanel in black
***Skin: Rosemary Galbraith Creampuff Skin - Cinderella - makeup 029
***Thingie: Kyoot Army Wilted Wednesday collar
***Undershirt: Thimbles 1L Layering Tops, tinted black
***Dress (top, prim skirt, rose attachment, gloves, many more pieces/colors not shown): Bare Rose ::: B@R ::: Princess Rose dress
***Tights: Kyoot Army Aya capri tights group gift
***Boots: J's (in Tsukishima) Goth Ribbon Laceupboots

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Violet mafia

In case you haven't noticed yet, I'm a dork.

I do this thing called the outfit game. I stare at what someone else is wearing and then see if I can replicate it from my inventory. Sometimes I can, especially when I share taste with the person I'm imitating!

In this case, I hopped over to Violet's box in the sky to hang out when I noticed that I probably owned all the bits to her outfit. "Wait! I have to dress up just like you," I said excitedly, and changed. Violet giggled at me, and then we took pictures.

We're both wearing Violet's Glitterati set in pink, ~silentsparrow~ undershirt from the sorrow set, PixelDolls corset belt, and Lassitude & Ennui's Reckless boots. Violet is also in pants by Canimal, hair by Kin, over-head goggles from Layer of Frost, and Phoenix skin by Gala (from the skin fair). I'm in pants by PixelDolls, hair by Philotic Energy and skin from /artilleri/.

Oh! I almost forgot. Hethr and Antonia want us to turn ourselves into M&Ms. Here's me, hehe:

She's only fooling Tangerine!

O HAI. Yes, it's me, color experimentation girl. Today I used a technique from Hethr Engle and went through my wardrobe using a color as a search term. (Wouldn't it be nice to be able to do this IRL?) "What color do I not wear often enough?" I asked myself. The answer, orange. I love orange, and somehow got out of the habit of wearing it after Halloween, but honestly Halloween is every day in SL.

The hair is free from seri. I saw Cherlindrea wearing it yesterday, and thought it looked so great on her that I hopped over and got it too. Kauai is a neat little sim! I've got to explore more thoroughly sometime.

My critique of my outfit is that the armwarmers don't really match, I probably don't need the necklace (I really need an amber-colored cameo!), and perhaps my shoes are too metallic. *grin* It's all experience.

Maybe I got in the mood for orange because of all the Frank on my iTunes last night. My avatar is a little Sinatra fangirl in this (mostly /artilleri/) outfit. Anyone else write Rat Pack slash? No? Erm, neither do I...honest.

Tangerine, she is all they say
With mascara'd eye and chapeaux by Dache.
And I've seen clothes on Tangerine
Where the label says "From Macy's Mezzanine".
Yes, she's got the guys in a whirl, but she's only fooling one girl
She's only fooling Tangerine!
-- Sinatra, Tangerine

***Hair: *seri*Turban blonde -- freebie! comes with hairband
***Hair flower: /artilleri/ rose in orange
***Skin: /artilleri/ lily (porcelain) *citrus*
***Jewelry: *~*illusions butterfly set in copper
***Jacket: *ICING* Shades of Gray
***Armwarmers: Argyle Grey knit arm warmers, group gift
***Skirt: /artilleri/ pencil skirt in orange
***Legwarmers: *KUROTSUBAKI* group present leg warmers in gray
***Shoes: TESLA - 'Diva' Shoes in Tangerine