Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sometimes you gotta belt it out

(Courtesy of Connie Francis)

When you left me all alone at the record hop
Told me you were goin’ out for a soda pop
You were gone for quite a while, half an hour or more
You came back and man oh man this is what I saw

Lipstick on you collar told a tale on you
Lipstick on you collar said you were untrue
Bet your bottom dollar you and I are through
Cuz lipstick on you collar told a tale on you, yeah

You said it belonged to me, made me stop and think
Then I noticed yours was red, mine was baby pink
Who walked in but Mary Jane, lipstick all a mess
Were you smoochin’ my best friend, if the answer’s yes

Lipstick on you collar told a tale on you
Lipstick on you collar said you were untrue
Bet your bottom dollar you and I are through
Cuz lipstick on you collar told a tale on you, boy

***Hair: Slink Moonage Daydream in blue black
***Hair flower: /artilleri/ rose hair flower *white*
***skin: Another Fundraiser Belle Morte skin by Bronwen Llewellyn (everybody bug her to make more skins, okay? :D )
***Earrings/necklace: Schadenfreude Koijini necklace and earrings with color changing hud
***Dress: /artilleri/ zesty zebra dress
***Flats: (Shiny Things) Brocattos in red
***Bracelet: *KUROTSUBAKI* valentine bracelet group gift

Friday, February 29, 2008

La mort en rose

***Hat: [The HUNGER] La Petit Mort Top Hat
***Coat: [The HUNGER] Dangereuse Velvet Coat
***Hair: -Hiccup Alala in black
***Skin: MiaSofia *mia* DAHLIA Skin - the tearful
***Tattoo: MiaSofia *mia* Candy Heart Tattoo
***Tights: *Sheer* Torn Nylons Stripes Fade Black
***Shoes: Tesla 'Diva' Shoe in black

I don't know whether other fashion bloggers have any kind of rhyme or reason about what clothing they decide to write about, but my system is this: SL Free*Style or Fab Free or Sherpa post something, I hop off to see what the fun free item is, and then I get sucked into wide-eyed appreciation of the rest of the shop, and then the rest of the sim. Apart from that, I scan the feeds and hunt down the things that make me go omg squee.

I guess I have a tourist's approach toward fashion blogging! This is unlike the extremely rigorous new release schedule from Ana Lutetia, or the attention to never blogging the same designer twice in a row (or twice in an outfit) from Hethr, or the themed posts from Michami. Instead, I stumble around Second Life like I've never seen clothing before.

*Ahem* Which brings me to this hat and coat, purchased from Sn@tch while hunting down the freebie outfit (green striped pants blogged by SL Free*Style). Some people wonder whether freebies drive sales. Heck, they do for me!

If these outfits had a theme, it would be this: "Oh look, more fluffy black and red. I like that. I bet it would go well with Mia's skins. And hey, her tattoo too. And sweet! Little hat skulls!"

The skulls and the red made me think of the song La vie en rose:

Quand il me prend dans ses bras
Il me parle tout bas,
Je vois la vie en rose.

...but without the vie part. La mort en rose?

This other outfit I spotted when Draconic posted about it. I'm in love with her prim attachments. I kind of want to marry them in an unholy avatar + pixelated fabric union. (I'd say it was odd, but then again, there are unicorn statues that impregnate people in this strange fake world of ours.) Along with the dress I'm wearing the beautifully named Space Oddity hair from Slink. It's a perfectly coiffed 60s helmet that makes me feel like I'm...floating in a most peculiar way.

***Outfit (Hat, shirt with corset and prim neck/sleeves, prim skirt, striped tights): Draconic Kiss Arabella in red
***Hair: Slink Space Oddity in Blue Black
***Skin: MiaSofia *mia* DAHLIA Skin - the sultry
***Gloves: Lace Gloves from a freebie box called *Freebie Gold*, tinted
***Boots: J's (In Tsukishima) Goth Ribbon Laceupboots (black)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Touch of Elegance

Betty Doyle of Ingenue

I arrived at my ninth guest-star's studio studio and had a strange moment of Hitchcock-esque synchronicity. We stared at each other and I realized that I looked almost exactly like Betty Doyle!

Like many designers, her most recent design is her current favorite, and so we both had the same dress. Not only that, she had on a skin from MiaSnow Myriam (MiaSofia), whom I'd just met. Same skin, same dress, and those Tesla Ziggy boots. It was eerie how matched we were, as though we were members of the same posh (and quite possibly undead) girl's boarding school. No wonder I love her clothes!

I admit that I am a sucker for a certain clothing aesthetic that is marked by covering instead of revealing skin, and that echoes an earlier era. There are stories and stories in Betty Doyle's clothes. She likes Audrey Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, Paulette Goddard. Each of these women marries sex and innocence in a way that makes the screen shine, and Betty Doyle's clothes are similarly evocative.

MiaSnow's skin sheds another light upon the outfit, and in my mind, I cast Betty in A Touch of Evil, or perhaps The Birds. Innocence, sexiness, and just a bit of the macabre.

***Hat: Chapeau tres mignon
***Hair: Ingenue - Deco Doll in black
***Skin: MiaSofia - *mia* DAHLIA skin - the starlet
***Outfit: Ingenue - One Boy
***Shoes: Tesla Ziggy boots


Art by hyasynth Tiramisu. Thank you hy!

Yesterday, in an attempt to wear something other than black and white and red, I asked a friend to play virtual Barbies with me. While I was standing amid the pretty weeds of her land, I thought I smelled Spring. I mean, my IRL body smelled it -- Spring, overpowering even the stench of the waste treatment center that settles over our town at night. It was a balmy, warm, heated scent, as if the earth was opening up to the sky...

It made me think of the things that come with Spring. Restlessness. Travel. Light colors. Quickening of the blood. And Nijinski dancing to Le Sacre du Printemps. In honor of Nijinski I stuck on a pair of horns. Then of course I realized that I got my balletic reference wrong and was thinking of L'apr├Ęs-midi d'un Faune, a ballet for Midsummer. -- d'oh. [Mmm, the Nureyev version is so pretty.]

Ah well, the intention is clearly metaphoric. Spring is the time for horns! :D

Today the weather is fickle, and we are back below freezing. Such is life in Georgia. As they say, if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes.

***Hair: Calico Creations Calico in frosted midnight, tinted green
***Horns: Illusions Ram's horns, freebies!
***Skin: Fleur Shoujo 3
***Jacket: D!FF => Pink Polka*d Croppi
***Dress: (Draconic Kiss) Flourish Green
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Chunky Boots in Pink
***Peacock wreath: (Pixeldolls) Wreath Peacock feathers

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

An EVIL schoolteacher?

Something got me in a minimalist mood. It could be the looming prospectus deadline, or it could be the fact that I like to eat American cheese while drinking red wine (don't hate me, I know), but I found myself wanting to cling to a monochromatic color scheme tonight.

Of course then I hit the fashion feed and found myself gawking at the glory that was this Harajuku Punk Fur outfit from Ookami Ningen. FLUFFY!!! Said my brain (and then I drank more wine). I put it on in the shop, and boy was it fun. I even broke my "Either show leg or show torso" rule and bared both at once! It's all okay, though. The outfit put me in mind of a burlesque, and gothic carnies are down with burlesque.

***Hair: Calico Creations Sarah II - Ivory
***Skin (Draconic Kiss) plague doctor
***Outfit (fluffy shrug, skirt, legwarmers): Ookami Ningen, Harajuku Punk Furs Natural White
***Tattoo: EtchD Sins Henna tinted white

That's not all. Betty Doyle also came out with something new tonight (One Boy) after being out of town for a while. It's crisp and tailored and lovely, and feeds into my evil schoolteacher persona. Be good or else, I can imagine saying while wearing this dress. You don't know what I've got hidden in my skirts.

You could fit a whole saw down there, and after I made my college kids watch an episode of CSI, they seriously don't know what I might have going on.

At any rate, back to my American cheese, Australian wine, and Japanese pop. Have good Wednesdays, everyone!

***Hair: Calico Creations Sarah II - Midnight
***Skin (Draconic Kiss) plague doctor
***Outfit (Several layers of shirt with and without tie, prim skirt, glitch pants): Ingenue - One Boy
***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Chloe Flats
***Nails: Designs by Celeste - Manicure in Red

Bonus photo! the very cute Pixie Tungi (left) and chibi (small) Ach in the Ookami Ningen shop.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Na na na na na na

Lest you think I do nothing but take myself too seriously, I thought I'd show you what I put my boy avatar through today.

The boy avatar is still being punished for certain transgressions (of which sort I shall not name), and therefore, I dressed him up to celebrate Caledon's second anniversary. He's wearing a priest's plaid from Pearse'd and Cut, and yes, I made his ass Riverdance. (He's ornery and says he thinks he looks hot like Braveheart. He's incorrigible!)

I send out a mighty Hooooo! to my fellow Caledonians today in honor of our second anniversary, and hope that everyone heads over to Cymru Castle for all-day jigging. I've loved living in Caledon for many reasons: for the urban planning (oh thank God, a place on SL that doesn't look like a bloody strip mall), the social events (wow, an actual social calendar!), and neighbors who also love outdoor spaces.

I'd make a joke about getting jiggy with it, but...yeah.

***Hair: booN TFH26 black small
***Skin: TheAbyss Scorpio_Dystopian[1]C Smooth
***Kilt (shoulder plaid, kilt, knickers, hose, hose flash): Pearse'd and Cut Flexiprim Kilt - Priest fabric
***Shirt: Armidi Limited Military Pocket Shirt
***Shoes: (Shiny Things)
***Jig: Dyo-jig-dance-bracelet (copy/trans freebie!)

If fear should win our hearts

Aemilia Case of Philotic Energy

"The first hair I made sucked," said my eighth guest-star, Aemilia Case, while posing for me, "But I had some really great friends who encouraged me, and I kept at it."

This kind of story sticks in my mind. I pondered the fact that creators on SL began as cluelessly as the rest of us, but instead of making a box and going -- "Okay, well, that was terrible," they found something inside of themselves that pushed beyond the small box threshold.

I'm glad Aemilia kept going, because (as the creator of Philotic Energy) she makes hair that gives me good-hair-squeees (*cough* the official term). While she works, she says she's usually bald and naked and listening to music, which reminded me of the fact that Jackal Ennui usually runs around shoeless.

What music? "Something with a beat that helps me concentrate, like VNV Nation."

At Aemilia's suggestion I listened to VNV Nation's The Farthest Star, and found another small insight into the creative process:

If we should stay silent.
If fear should win our hearts,
Our light will have long diminished,
Before it reaches the farthest star.

Maybe it's this that keeps creators going, the far-away spark of something to shoot for that does away with fear.

Hair: Philotic Energy Melantha hair
Shirt: Wrong top,
Pants: Fluky dubyah pants
Shoes: Gutterboots
Tattoos: from Sn@tch
Skin: Fleur shoujo 6
Eyes and cuff: Ekstra
Piercings: Deek

Monday, February 25, 2008

Browsing for brouses

Last night I stepped into the ~silentsparrow~ party in a hot pink outfit. Saiyge looked over at me and said, "Ach! I didn't recognize you because you were so pink!"

I paused and thought about color. It's true -- my past ten or so posts to this blog have been (for the most part) nothing but black and white and red. It's not like I'm trying to wear my school colors all the time, but somehow I can't get away from this color scheme. It's almost like I'm building this Second Life me out of color, and these are the colors that define my identity.

I've noticed that other people do this too. hyasynth's color is blue, from hair to skin to nails. Allegory's is bright f----ing green. Milla's style is defined by her soft fluff of blond hair. We've all got our thing, and I guess this is mine.

When I went to church yesterday (Unitarian, because I can't decide which religion I wanna be), the minister talked about the connection between the body and the mind. "People have different thresholds for different sensations. Some people need to knit to ease their nervous system during the sermon, and other people find this distracting. Some people need music while studying, and some need total silence. Be aware of your body and what it needs!"

Maybe this has some application to the online body too. My online self says that it feels more like itself in black and white and red. Fine. But that doesn't mean I won't try to bust out, especially with Spring on the way...

Lest I forget to talk about the clothing, the shirt is one that Miss Kghia Gherardi told me that I'd like from Creator's Pavillion, the "lace brouse" from E.M.A. The hair, another new release from Philotic Energy, the seriously funky (and braided!) Volante. The shoes are stack-heeled go-go boots from Adam n Eve. The creator was skeptical that I could make these boots look remotely gothic-carnie, but lo, I have that power.

***Shirt with prim collar, cuffs and waist skirt: =E.M.A.= lace brouse in black
***Hair: Philotic Energy PE Volante in black
***Skin: FabFree Red Goth Skin (with pretty nails!) -- freebie!
***Gloves: To a T. Lace gloves from the Wednesday's Valentine set
***Shoes: Adam n Eve Scamander Heels in Black
***Pants: Schadenfreude Bloody Stripe Pants, pegged

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hart to hart

I am writing this post while engaged in an Elizabethan line dance with Henry VIII. I arrived in one of ~silentsparrow's~ new releases, Hart's Blood (the silver edition, there are four other colors), and felt quite at home in my costume. In fact, I got many compliments, which is marvelous when dancing with those elaborately garbed Elizabethans, because they really know their dress!

The dance was hosted in Winterfell. The party discussed the general darkness of the sky (the land is permanently set to midnight), and this (plus my lovely outfit) reminded me of Robert Frosts' Acquainted with the Night. It was a little anachronistic, but it suited the loneliness that one can feel sometimes in this online world...

I have been one acquainted with the night.
I have walked out in rain -- and back in rain.
I have outwalked the furthest city light...

The hair also suited my mood. When I asked Aemilia Case if she could suggest something new of hers to review, she mentioned this hair-and-hat ensemble immediately. I put it on and had to laugh -- fine, she has my clothing sensibility nailed. Um, it's gorgeous hair to match a gorgeous suit. I'm going to wear it to teach tomorrow, just as soon as they make that SL to RL conversion machine.

***Suit: ~silentsparrow~ hart's blood in black with the open jacket option.
***Skin: []::Tuli::[] S5 goth ~ tears 3
***Hair: Philotic Energy PE Noah Black
***Earrings: /artilleri/ 3 heart earrings *black* Valentine's day group gift
***Necklace: ::Violet Voltaire Gank collar in black
***Tattoo: *EtchD* Happy Halloween freebie (I love this tattoo way too much, can you tell? It's February and I'm still wearing it.)
***Shoes: J's Goth BeltBOOTS

Bodies naked and ablaze

Roslin Petion of Fleur

"I'm shy," exclaimed my seventh guest star, Roslin Petion; but she was still kind enough to let me in to her workshop high above the beautiful sim of Fleur. Roslin is the skin designer of Fleur (formerly Tete a Pied), and she's wearing her current favorite skin, Shoujo Lotus 2.

She's got a lovely shape, and I neglected to ask her anything about it because I was distracted. Her skin really does glow, and it's weird, because I own that skin too and it doesn't look the same on me at all. Here she is, beautifully naked, and I'm reminded of Robert Graves:

Lovers without reproach will gaze
On bodies naked and ablaze ...

Here's where I have to pause and wonder about Second Life. Two people can have the same skin and hair (like myself and my pal Pip the other day) and look totally different. Shape has something to do with it, obviously. More important than this, however, is personality.

It's all about how you move...and speak. The clothes you wear (or don't wear), your animation override, and more than all of that ... what you do with your life, or Second Life.

Oddly enough, I think that Second Life is the perfect container for your brain. Why is Roslin glowing? You can see her brain beyond that avatar, beyond that skin, beyond the two-dimensions of a screencap.

Too bad you can't make an "intelligence" attachment.

***Skin: Fleur Boutique Shoujo Lotus 2
***Hair: Miriel Enfield, Gibson in Fox
***Eyes: Miriel Enfield, Big Eyes -- custom made
***Necklace: Muse Pearls, draped
***Pose: [ANIMAH] nude4 (barefoot)