Saturday, February 2, 2008

I wear rainbows on the outside

Today I felt emo. Graduate school is a rough place sometimes, full of hidden pits and strange beast traps, kind of like Black Temple in WoW. Where's my goddamned Cleric? Where's my tank? Why do I feel like i'm only 10th level in here, and why is Illidan walking down the hall?! SHIT!

Emo to me also means Emily Dickinson:

And so of larger - Darknesses -
Those Evenings of the Brain -
When not a Moon disclose a sign -
Or Star - come out - within -

And finally, emo means happy shiny clothes! Look, pretty rainbows and boots.

***Hair: /artilleri/ Margaret *light blond*
***Hat: Elegance Hats Betty Elegance Hat blue
***Skin: Another Fundraiser - Raven ~ Bisque: Blk Widow
***Necklace: FashCon group gift -- pearl wrap necklace from Bonita's Jewelry. Join the FashCon group and save the attachment.
***Tattoo: /artilleri/ maggie tattoo
***Shirt: **THE CLOSET** rainbowknit in red
***Pants: [CRAP] Gaucho Pant
***Tights: G.L.A.M. Tintable metallic Lycra Tights in Light Tone
***Shoes: SLink Olivia Suede Boots in Grey Blue

Friday, February 1, 2008

Ore wa kawaii yo

After hanging out in boy avatar all morning with Creamy, I felt this urgent desire to become extremely feminine. Just at that moment, Saiyge mentioned that she'd finished designing her new jewelry set, Persistence. I felt instantly delicate-ified! Shuddup, it's a word! (Delicatated? Delicatessen'd?)

My avatar is clearly about to attend a high-class Yakuza function. She's probably the daughter of a Yakuza boss, just like in Gokusen, and those little hair pins of hers turn into throwing darts. They aren't lethal, they'll simply make you snooze for long enough that she can tell her daddy on you. Then, grip your privates and make sure nobody's behind you.

Again, this post has been brought to you by a week cooped up at home with the child. Sometimes I wonder if people look at the pretty pictures and ignore the raving madwoman who writes these words...probably better off that way.

***Hair: ::MC:: hair up 1 in black
***skin: Inspired - Pavasara classic skin, Fashcon giveaway
***Earrings, necklace: Balderdash, Persistence
***Jacket, corset, stockings, gloves: ~silentsparrow~ from the calliope set in risque (200L right now at the store sale!)
***Skirt: ~silentsparrow~ from the delia set
***Prim tutu: ~silentsparrow~ from the dreaded sunny day set in coal
***Tights: Kyoot Army Aya Capri Tights (group xmas gift)
***Shoes: Draconic Kiss double strap maryjanes

Wild nights in the Empire

There's nothing quite like a flowery brocade tail coat to make an avatar feel like a dissolute man about town. I think Mr. Maktoum, my boy avatar, owns a stable of racing horses and is rapidly working his way through the family fortune. He also spends time at balls and loves a good dance, especially if his partner is light on her feet.

Mr. Maktoum neatly escapes the hawk-eyed dowagers, however, and has yet to accept an engagement to an eligible parti. Why give up his freedom, after all?

His clothier for nights out on the town (when he isn't wearing ~silentsparrow~) is the Caledonian Nix Sands. The best part about buying this ensemble is the pricing, 550L for an enormous range of items (including two pants and four gloves and four shirts and...). Definitely a good investment when one's estate allowance looks a bit grim.

I think in this picture, Mr. Maktoum is about to go to the Gaiety Theater and mingle with the demimonde. Perhaps there's a burlesque to accompany the bitter taste of absinthe on his tongue...

***Suit (including jacket, cravat, vest, pants, shirt): XCENTRICITY by Nix Sands, Upstart Ensemble gift box. Mr. Sands also has shops in Penzance and Emit Time
***Hair: booN -=H2L=- Shun Black
***Skin: Boneflower Designs, Whispers of Night :: Deathly M [Blood Dawn Slayer], (Temenos, 151, 173, 47).
***Shoes: Shiny Things Flare Oxfords in black

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Anticipating Spring

I feel comfortable today. Kind of like I woke up and pulled a cute summer dress out of the closet (literally), and stuck it on over my PJs.

That's good, because it's day 4 of my daughter's endless head cold (have you noticed how damned often toddlers get sick? It's depressing), and neither one of us are getting dressed any more. In fact, she's still hanging out in her PJs, just like me!

Have you ever noticed that you get the most work done in your PJs? I have a couple of sets that I call my uniforms, and when I'm wearing them I can magically grade papers.

***Dress: **THE CLOSET** FloralDress_PPL
***Hair: Philotic Energy PE Ariadne in Black, Imogen
***Skin: Another Fundraiser skin by bossa nova - the vamp
***Necklace: ~ MAGIKA ~ Pearl Necklace
***Undershirt, pants: [MG fashion] Hunting Season (charcoal) from the set
***Leg warmers: *KUROTSUBAKI* group present
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Ballet Flats - cocoa

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Paon to Creamy Cooljoke

"Hey, stewardess, haven't I seen you in that outfit before?"

"Yeah, Mister, I blogged some of it over here, but this time it's special because my entire outfit is completely free!"

"Free you say?"

"Yeah -- ~silentsparrow~ opened a new store location, and celebrated by putting up a store freebie."

"Group only?"

"Nah -- free to anyone. Lots of pieces, and boys can wear the top and vest! Also, my hat and hair and stockings and skin and shoes are free too, from a buncha different places."

"Cool. Can I get my cocktail now?"

"Can I get a please with that?"

***Hat: Steamstress: Skypirate Hat (store freebie)
***Skin: TaP Vivant Almond Paon 4 (free group gift)
***Hair: *TRUTH* Berri - Black (store dollarbie)
***Outfit (shirt, vest, waist cincher jacket, skirt, capri pants [not worn]): ~silentsparrow~ dreaded sunny sprocket, store freebie at the new location, Rue D'Antibes (if the bloody SLURL doesn't work, do a map search for this sim. It isn't hard to find -- the store faces the sea).
***Stockings: G.L.A.M. Tintable metallic Lycra Tights (store freebie) in sheer dark.
***Shoes: TESLA - Free 'Ziggy' Heels in Happy Holidays colors (store freebie)

In which I get fictional

Once upon a time there was a Victorian maiden who, escaping from her impending matrimony to an aging peer, decided to join a traveling circus. The circus wasn't quite sure what to do with an elegant lady right at first. They put her in charge of tickets for a while, but when she failed to keep adequate track of the fares, decided that she'd be best used as a silent model -- as a sort of muse for their circus, a living figurehead.

She glowed in her new position, always standing straight and fair in the foremost wagon, so that when the circus came to each new town the little children would point at her and say, "Cor -- there she is, the circus lady!"

The circus grew old, but through some strange witchcraft, she did not. Year followed year, and while she stood silent, the circus aged and died around her. Where did she go after the last elephant and last painted lady and last carnie barker faded into the gloam?

She ended up whispering advice to a number of designers, of course, telling them all about her years and years of carnie wardrobe. These items from ~silentsparrow~ and Schadenfreude and others are on sale at the Carnival of Doom.

Of course, I'm making all this up. None of it happened; it was only a small, twisted, Gaiman-esque dream.

***Hat: Schadenfreude top hat from the tuxedo suite in green
***Hair: ETD Patootie in black (got it during the fabulous hair sale)
***Skin: Another Fundraiser Belle Morte by Bronwen
***Earrings: Schadenfreude skully earrings, Halloween freebies, La Reina (180, 170, 27)
***Jacket: [CRAP] Big Knit, Big Collar in Red (worn without the waist bit)
***Gloves: Pushbutton Industries *PBI* Dirty Bandages Gloves (bloody)
***Skirt: (prim skirt, bloomers): Schadenfreude (Carnival of Doom) Blood Bigtop Ballgown Skirt
***Shoes: None. I mean, who'd see shoes under that skirt? Ya know?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance

I realized today that I completely lack male poses!

Have you ever tried to stick a male skin on your female avatar? I'd never really thought about how different male faces and female faces are until I tried it, double-took, and realized that my girl looked ROUGH. Why is it that female skins have to be glowy with pristine makeup to approach "normal"? This question probably gets into deep sociological territory of gender roles and society and avatar representation, so I shall leave it aside for a moment.

My post is SUPPOSED to be about the new ~silentsparrow~ Sprocket Suit! The story is, hyasynth went out dancing one night, and one Shaunathan Sprocket (mayor of Babbage) began to beg for a suit. He wanted one with a jabot and vest... A few days later, here it is! Perfect for striding the Babbage canals on a windy February morning.

The boy avatar looks better in the girl prims, oddly enough, but the suit comes with both. Have I tried a female skin on a boy? Yes, and that looks odd too. Boy, culture sure does affect perception!

***Hair: booN -=H2L=- Shun Black
***Skin: Tete a Pied Vivant Buff Clean Cut
***Suit: ~silentsparrow~ Sprocket Suit with the sky vest and white shirt option (also comes with a black undershirt).
***Shoes: Shiny Things Flare Oxfords in black

Monday, January 28, 2008

Guest star: Saiyge Lotus

I've decided to do something new in my blog. I got tired of staring at my same ol' avatar all the time, and figured that I'd feature someone else for a change!

Yep, I'm going to be running a segment on another avatar wearing their favorite outfit. I'll keep to the sensibility of this blog, meaning that the people I bother for my posts will all be elegant, quirky and not very mainstream.

I asked Saiyge Lotus (designer of Balderdash) to be my first victim.

Saiyge's outfit is so complete Saiyge! The clothing complements not only her avatar's shape and skin, but the inner Saiyge as well. She's a gypsy designer (one of her vardos is behind her), and the coat, belt and widgety hat almost seem like tools of the wagon-making trade. I love it when form and function coincide in Second Life.

Saiyge's outfit reminds me of a more feminine version of Patti Smith, when her beautifully androgynous cover for Horses came out.

***Shoes: Tesla
***Pants: PixelDolls
***Belt: Manna Yoshikawa, Manna MainStore
***Hair: RaC
***Ears: Hybrid
***Cigarette holder: The New Zero ~ Boudoir apparel by Torridwear and PixelDolls
***Skin: Celestial Studios Vogue
***Coat and hat: TonkTastic

She wore black velvet...

Here I am, standing in my RL classroom waiting for my kids to arrive, thinking about glamor. There are many kinds of glamor, but I think Brit really put her finger on a fine definition in the Second Mirage fashion show.

She said that her collection was inspired by Elizabeth Taylor, and I think she's right -- Miss Taylor is the epitome of 1950s Hollywood. What are the qualities of this kind of style? Perfectly coiffed hair. Satin and silk. And rich, large gems! Those 50s girls had the bling, man. Diamonds weren't just their best friends, they were their lovers, papas, and babies too!

What the hell did I just write?

Anyway. Ingenue's new Another Fundraiser skin is a perfect enhancement for Second Mirage's new collection, because the sharply drawn vintage mouth and bright blue shadow screams GLAMOR; the freebie hair from Soulfire is equally sharp and pulled-together. I'm wearing these new things with something old, ~silentsparrow's~ cyndi suit, currently on sale on the third floor of the main sim. It occurs to me that this entire ensemble is extremely cheap since it is mostly comprised of sale or free items. Go, me.

***Hair: Soulfire Retro Bettie with Pillbox -- store dollarbie
***Skin: Another Fundraiser -- Ingenue - RetroDoll skin.
***Necklace, earrings: Second Mirage Glamorous - Emerald from their new collection
***Dress: ~silentsparrow~ Cyndi suite
***Shoes: SLink Eva Suede Boots - Black

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Click for a larger photo

I'm feeling a bit like a failure as a mom at present. At three years old we're finally trying to break my poor daughter from her late-night bottle obsession. Last night she woke up at 3 am wanting milk, and then stayed up intermittently crying for it until around 5. Today, the three of us (husband, child, me) are sitting around like zombies, and I'm wondering how I'll get my brain together enough to grade papers.

On the upside, I arose to a Jackal Ennui! She chatted at me about FashCon, and said that she'd hopped about with the FashCon hud this morning. I immediately went to try it, and got sucked into several great shops. I picked up my FashCon hud at Le Zoo, outside of the old diner. It's fun to be taken on a guided tour of shop after shop (and hell on the L). Read more about it here.

Today's awesome Tres Blah outfit is inspired by comfy lounging around the couch, which is about my speed for the rest of the day. I hope there are enough cartoons on PBS to amuse my child while her mama scrapes her brain from under the couch.

Jackal teased me about this outfit, by the way. She pointed out that if my shirt and pants are paint-splattered, I should wear Shiny Things' freebie painter shoes instead of these pristine suede boots, and take off that pure white shirt. Realism, what? *grin*

***Hair: Pudge The Crystal 2.0 (Black)
***Skin: Another Fundraiser skin by bossa nova
***Shirt: Ash Style plain white shirt -- store freebie!
***Necklace: -EARTHTONES- Seahorse Frolic N&E Set, Shadow Hue
***Tank, jeans, gloves: Tres Blah !tb - painted glory
***Boots: SLink Eva Suede boots in Black (just the foot part for under pants)