Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bedhead and deconstructed overalls

I caught the stomach flu too. Can you imagine being so drained that playing Second Life feels like I'm expending too much energy? Yeah. I was flat on my back yesterday. I stuck the husband with the kid while I tried my best to keep water down. Mama, are you throwing up again? -- Yep.

All gross things aside, I am much better today, and perked up entirely when I saw that -Hiccup had released new hair! Four styles in the past few weeks -- Paper Tiger (which I wear far too often), Dungeons and Dragons, Highschool Sucks, and the one that I fell in love with here, Bedhead.

I have a thing about posting photos of my own Bedhead on my RL blog. Usually my hair is ENORMOUS in the morning like some kind of 80s prom queen. If I had bedhead as cute as this I'd probably sport it all day long, like my avatar did.

***Hair: -Hiccup Bedhead - Black, Lions Shore (14, 105, 20)
***Skin: /artilleri/ lily (porcelain) *memphis*
***Tattoo: /artilleri/ old school tattoo
***Shirt: ASH STYLE plain shirts white -- store freebie!
***Jacket, pants: *KUROTSUBAKI* pants&skirt gray set
***Tights: *SHOP SEU* kushukushu black
***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Chloe flats in black
***Gloves: Pushbutton Industries PBI bindi armwarmers in gloomy
***Necklace: [CRAP] Squid Bling, Old Town (232, 82, 21)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Balderdashy Things

I'm up in the middle of the night because my poor kid has just had a bout of tum-tum trouble (scientific name, obviously). Them's the shakes of being a mom, right? To make up for it, I decided to play with all of the pretty new jewels that Saiyge Lotus of Balderdash just created.

This is her first attempt at jewelry. She's taken her gypsy sensibility and applied it to delicate prim work, creating tiny twists of gem and metal that sit upon one's virtual brow like a breath of air.

The set is called Elora, and comes with a left earring, two versions of the right earring (one with a cuff, one without), a head piece, and a necklace. There are also many colors and metals.

***Dress: Silver Rose *SRD* Exotic Beauty (Green)
***Jewelry: Balderdash - Elora - Ivory, choker, earcuff, earring, head piece
***Hair: -Hiccup, paper tiger in platinum
***Tattoo: *Etchd* Sins henna tattoo
***Skin: Tete a Pied TaP Vivant Drow Medium

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Paeon to Miss Book

This outfit reminds me of Miss Amelia Book, perhaps because of the glasses and pants. :D

I'm wearing comfortable and marvelous things today. I'm in the skull knit sweater and cargo pants from /artilleri/. They were created before Christmas, but my avatar begged to wear them in the snowless January chill. Yes, snowless! TPTB decided to take snow away from Caledon, and we are all left with old patches of ice and trees that refuse to shake the white. It leaves us all with the dilemma of how to landscape for that in-between time...but anyway.

The other wonderful item is a beautifully crafted corset belt from PixelDolls. They were blogged by the creator over here, and four of them (on the jacket layer) were given out to the PixelDolls group (join by clicking the sign at the main store). They're gorgeous, and neatly solve the bare midriff issue that's been a topic on the fashion feed. I just noticed that Creamy blogged them over here, with all four styles! Go look!

This skin is a preview of the new release that'll be coming from OH! -- very elegant, and really suits my shape (which is *cough* a slight modification of the system Haragyaru shape -- shhh).

***Hair: /artilleri/ rita in red
***Skin: OH! What a neat...Boutique. Rosemary Skin in Almond.
***Glasses: /artilleri/ gladys in black
***Earrings: Mercury Couture [m] Silver and Pearl Earrings
***Choker: LK Labs, Bell Choker, *mew*, Eyana's, Mew (123, 123, 751)
***Sweater: /artilleri/ Skull knit sweater
***Pants: /artilleri/ cargo pants
***Corset belt: PixelDolls (PD) Belts; Empress, Port Seraphine (35, 127, 56)
***Shoes: TESLA Ziggy Heels in *Birth*

Violet mood

Note about the clothing: I'm teasing you with the tights and collar. They're previews of stuff coming out shortly from Violet Voltaire (the collar!) and Sh*t Happens (the footless fishnets!).

And the sky was all violet, I want it again,
but more violet, more violet
I'm the one with no soul,
one above and one below

I was on a bus in the middle of Ireland, backpacking, a stupid just-post-college kid who was probably a decade less mature than she should be. I sat next to a girl who was going to be a volunteer for an ecological camp at the edge of the coast, showing off native sea life to tourists. We were mostly silent, but the one conversation I had with her makes me giggle even now.

Me: I like Irish music! The Pogues rock!
Girl: Oh dear god. The sodding Pogues. Why don't you listen to a good band, like Hole?
Me: Oh...the...Kurt Cobain girlfriend band.

Thus did I learn that not all Irish people liked the Pogues, and was shamed into listen to some fine west-coast pissed-off chick music.

I'm listening to NPR, which always makes me feel like cranking up the OMGWTF music, which in turn inspired this post. As usual, everything kind of sucks. Let's all hide in our sweet dystopian paradise.

***Poses: -Hiccup (Necky Pose) and (Oh my! Pose)
***Hat: Elegance Hats Eliza Hat in violet
***Hair: ETD Sean - Black Faded
***Skin: Celestial Studios *CS* Charmed Skin - 00 (gloss-red)
***Collar: ::Violet Voltaire:: ganK - Collar - Violet
***Earrings: ::Violet Voltaire:: Spider Cameo Earrings in violet
***Frock coat: Ivalde korny in purple
***Tights: Sh*t Happens Fishnet Sockies in black - footless!
***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Estampie in lavender velvet
***Gloves: ~silentsparrow~ pointe du lac gloves in dusk, from the lucky chair suite

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ladies Who Adventure, Adventure the First

The Ladies who Adventure met for their first jaunt of the year. We went to Koreshan, an island upon which an amusement park was built -- and then abandoned. There is a lonely feel to the land, the sense that children used to laugh here.

A few hardy shops still cling to the old boardwalk, selling strange wares. We looked at a place offering art that is worn upon one's skin, and another that looked like children's clothing but made for women of full height.

As usual upon our adventures we saw things rich and strange. There was an enormous mouse of paper maché set over a stylized city. There were children's rides made of springs (those are difficult to mount with bustles, but we did our best), and enormous teacups that spun us around and around so quickly that some of us needed smelling salts...

We saw no people. Perhaps upon our next adventure we will encounter natives.

Freebie for boys (and girls)

Photos taken at the Gaiety Theater in Caledon Penzance.

~silentsparrow~ has a new lucky chair set for lovers of elegant dark vintage, boys and girls alike. It's called the (dusk) lucky chair suite, and it pulls from many different ~silentsparrow~ suits to create a complete ensemble. The jacket, cuffs, collar and tails are from the Koumori suit, the pants and gloves are from Pointe du Lac, and the shirt is from the Murder set.

Boys a little less effete than mine can wear it without the tails. A cropped sweater from the Luna set is included for girls.

Get it for free from the ~silentsparrow~ lucky chair!

My boy is also wearing Tukinowaguma's masao hair in black, Tete a Pied's TaP Vivant Buff Clean Cut skin, and Shiny Things flared oxfords in black.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Insert 80s power ballad about burning hearts here

I bet you guys were wondering what your drow should wear for Valentine's Day. Yeah, I was too, but then I stumbled upon the Mes Regrets frock from PixelDolls. I admit that calling it a frock might not be doing justice to how little of it is there. My husband walked by my computer and scowled at the screen, saying: Sooo, is your avatar going to hang out half naked all day?

This outfit comes with an animated flaming heart-shaped toque. I mean, what ELSE would a drow wear on Valentine's Day?

At any rate, it goes well with the drow sensibility. My poor drow. I always dress her in the naughty outfits because somehow it feels more proper with dark skin.

*** hair: Mercury Couture Bouffant 2, 10L at the store closing sale.
*** skin: Tete a Pied TaP Vivant Drow Medium 3
*** tattoos: *EtchD* Sin's Henna undershirt
*** toque: ((PixelDolls)) Mes Regrets -- flaming heart necklace is part of the dress set
*** frock: ((PixelDolls)) Mes Regrets -- comes with many different layers to each part, including an undershirt that covers slightly more of the torso.
*** shoes: Draconic Kiss Assault Boots