Saturday, January 12, 2008

One day in Teletubby land...

One of my daughter's most-listened-to albums features the Teletubbies. Two songs in particular are her favorites. One is "Dirty Knees" (she must feel some kinship with people who have dirty knees) and the other one is "Dipsy's Hat":

Dipsy's walking with his hat on
Very proudly into view
If I had a hat like that one
I'd be walking proudly too.

I'm walking proudly today. In the past few 24 hours, I came to be in possession of THREE PERFECT HATS. They are all glorious, and range from free to 200L. Imagine! And don't ask me to pick my favorite...

Mercury Couture Mercury Morning Hat. 10 L at the shop closing sale. (Worn with -hiccup's paper tiger in blond.)

Chapeau Tre Mignon 1920s Antique Headress. FREE group gift! (Worn with /artilleri/'s creeper in blond.) This hat is gorgeously blogged over here in Deux Looks.

Elegance Hats limited edition Snowflake -- only 100 copies -- hope there are some left for you! Tintable. Original version is white. (Worn with -hiccup's paper tiger in blond.)

Rest of the outfit:
*** Skin: Minnu Model Skins MM-Pale Old Hollywood (group gift)
*** Nails: Sin Skins Glitter manicure in red
*** Necklace: Curious Kitties Bikkuri Neck Brace
*** Jacket: Last Call Dressage Ruffled Blouse from the set
*** Skirt and prim skirt: Draconic Kiss Ghost of Christmas Past
*** Stockings: Pushbutton Industries *PBI* Dirty Bandage Stockings
*** Boots: Shiny Things Wrapped Wedge boots in white

Friday, January 11, 2008

Black is how I feel on the inside

I had a rather shitty morning.

I logged into Second Life and decided to take The Smiths' advice: I tricked out my avatar in black. Then, I added more black, even more black, and a tiny bit of red. Suddenly I felt better. Amazing how clothing has that affect, isn't it? Especially black. Nothing like pretending that you're in deep mourning to make the rest of your life seem positively glowy.

Small side note about the shoes. I knew I'd be addicted to Tesla's Ziggy shoes if I let myself get a pair, and lo, I am. They have a steep Edwardian line and brocaded texture that totally gives me airs. Next thing you know I'll be pretending I'm nobility. Nobility in mourning?

*** Veil: Ingenue - Bow Veil Hairpiece from the Christmas Girl freebie, Born (99, 49, 32)
*** Hair: Tukinowaguma Masao in Black
*** Skin: Celestial Studios Charmed Skin 00 ~ Red Gloss, quite possibly the priciest skin I've ever owned. Jury is still out on whether I like it best...
*** Scarf: /artilleri/ funky scarf *cherry knit*
*** Jacket: Winter Moon *WM* Peacoat -- got it for 10L at their recent sale, Canimal 63, 96, 26 (Mature)
*** Pants with fluffy bits: Double Paradox **DP** wonderful pants
*** Nails: Manicure by Celeste Improved red, Yucca (217, 67, 59)
*** Stockings: ~silentsparrow~ Mille Feuille stockings from the set
*** Boots: TESLA 'Ziggy' Heels in *Eden*

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oh, what a lovely sale

Rosemary Galbraith is having a 50% off sale at OH! What a neat... boutique, in honor of moving her store! She's reopening it with skins. I got to demo a few skins and thought they were lovely, but I don't want to spoil the surprise by posting about them.

This adorable beaded red dress was less than 100L. I dig it with the hair from Tukinowaguma (got it while Freebie hunting at their Uemachi shop) -- big and fluffy and messy, three colors for 100L. The sweater is from ~silentsparrow~ and I've been fretting about what to wear with it. Goes well over corsets, apparently, for those SL days when you don't want to flash your collarbones. (Is there such a thing as a bad collarbone day? Hm.)

*** hair: Tukinowaguma Nadeshiko 3 in black -- comes with red hair sticks!
*** skin: Tete a Pied TaP Vivant Blush Paon 4
*** corset shirt, skirt, prim skirt: OH! WHAT A NEAT ... BOUTIQUE Beaded Dress - red
*** jacket: ~silentsparrow~ (grass) luna sweater
*** necklace, earrings: Shiny Things Nighttime gems - black with the
*** stockings: ~silentsparrow~ from the mille feuille set
*** boots: First Flower ~ FF ~ Hollyhock Subdued Black
*** nails: *Sin Skins* glitter Manicure Crimson

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

This cowl would totally catch the Cheerios

I feel elegant. I like feeling elegant. It's the exact opposite of how I often feel in real life -- especially as a mom and a grad student and resident of Georgia (where the humidity crawls out of the ground and messes with my hair when I'm not actively straight-ironing it).

This morning, for example, I was incredibly proud of my real life self because my shoes and belt were both black. On the downside, my daughter had hidden my hairbrush somewhere, and I've got this horrible in-between-length where stray bits keep poking out of the pony tail. So yes, I went out like that, finger-combing my hair into a ponytail. Then I dropped my child off at daycare (strewing myself with Cheerios), and went to a meeting (spilling coffee down my shirt).

Ah, Second Life, in which all of our best-case scenario sartorial dreams are realized.

And we save so much money in dry cleaning!

I'm especially elegant tonight because of -Hiccup's new hair, Paper Tiger, Tuli's goth skin, and [MG fashion]'s Hunting Season Outfit in charcoal. Snapshots with that gorgeous honey colored stone are taken in Balderdash.

*** hair: -Hiccup Paper Tiger in black
*** skin: []::Tuli::[] S4 goth tone group exclusive
*** shirt, corset, prim collar, prim arms: [MG fashion] Hunting Season Outfit (charcoal)
*** bracelet: []::Tuli::[] messy bracelet - steel
*** nails: *Sin Skins* Glitter Manicure in black (from the sim pearl hunt), Sin Skins (32, 35, 24)
*** earrings: Violet Voltaire My Violent Heart earrings in black
*** pants: /artilleri/ nina high waisted pants in white, tinted to match the sweater, artilleri (92, 123, 26)
*** boots: Lassitude & Ennui Reckless boots

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Found in Translation

Some excellent people have been blogging the freebies at Uemachi lately. They're most definitely worth scrounging, for the sim exploration alone. The little tight alleyways remind me of wandering the souks of Bangkok, and there are nice free items all over the sim. Freebies include a funky typing animation that looks like a rabbit handpuppet; a bucket to wear on one's head while one goes afk; countless cute little t-shirts and camisoles and a skirt or two for free or cheap; big poofy beanbag chairs; and these glowing mushroom lamp thingies (to name just a few).

One of the as-yet-unblogged cool things that I found are several FREE ASIAN SHAPES at **Heaven's Shape**. I'm extremely picky about asian shapes (being half asian myself), and feel that these are particularly well done. I'm wearing the "Akiho_WL" (from the sign shapkitA), which has an elegant expression and goes beautifully with Tete a Pied's Fleur skin. There's also a version for kimono which flattens out the bust and hips. Two other shapes, Little Bird and Shape of Heaven, are also free in the shop, both cute in their own way.

Happy exploring!

*** Shape: **Heaven's Shape** Akiho_WL
*** Nails: ~*~La Comtesse~*~ Red Nails; Christmas giveaway. I can't find the SLURL!!
*** Bracelet: Schadenfreude helio bracelet, freebie at the store
*** Skin: Tete a Pied Fleur (free from the sim ticket hunt), Fleur, (221, 224, 23)
*** Hair: Maitreya Loelle in Iron, free from the sim opening, Zero Glam World 2 (242, 213, 26)
*** Shirt: Double Paradox shop giveaway, *DP* Frilly Blouse at the main store in *Edelweiss*, Zero Style (202, 88, 30)
*** Skirt: Double Paradox group gift, *DP* Humming of Saturday skirt, Zero Style (202, 88, 30)
*** Eyes: Sugar Cube ::SC Free Eyes [brown] from their shop freebie box, Blumfield (205, 77, 27)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Move over Liberace

It's never bad when you can make your male avatar look like the Chairman from Iron Chef. Thank you, Bare Rose!

***Hair: Calico Creations Jack in Midnight (I have to break out of this hairstyle for my boy av, but it suits him so perfectly)
***Skin: Whispers of Night :: Deathly M [Blood Dawn Slayer], (Temenos, 151, 173, 47).
***Suit (Jacket, prim chest piece, prim cuffs, prim tails, pants): Bare Rose ::: B@R ::: Prince of the Mist Castle in black (also comes in blue, red, and white options), Bare Rose (143, 27, 30)
***Shoes: Shiny Things Flare Oxfords in black, (Shiny Falls, 157, 129, 55).

The minotaur in the shadows

Cate Dollinger of Cotton Candy had her birthday party a few days ago. Dress for the occasion was "little, black" and I'd just happened to pick something up from Double Paradox (the LicoLico Mall outlet, but damned if I can find the little shop again) that I thought would do fine (I admit that everyone else was in a cocktail dress).

I completely adore this outfit. It reminds me of the stuff I longed to wear in high school but never did, complete with burn marks and rips and darns. Plus, it looks comfy, which is rare in my wardrobe. The **DP** main store also sells utterly adorable baby doll dresses and boots and all kinds of stuff for very reasonable prices. I've got the hood jacket set on today, and am not taking it off, not even for tea with a duchess.

You can get a cute frilly goth blouse for FREE at the main store, right above the display of belts.

I also went to the grand opening of the H.G. Wells Memorial Library branch of the Caledon Library yesterday. ...What to say? People had fun. Perhaps I'll stop there. =)

Seen in Winterfell Absinthe -- someone's fabulously twisted snow critters

***Hair: -Hiccup Alala in black
***Skin: Boneflower Designs, :: Whispers of Night :: Deathly F [Ebon Twilight Stalker]
***Earmuffs & scarf: Kyoot Army [KA] - Bird Skull Winter Set, (Vakkert Gal, 193, 224, 21)
***Pants, sweater: Double Paradox **DP** mischievous girl (comes with five parts on various layers), *Edelweiss*
***Boots: Chantal's Elikapeka in rose, Beckenbauer Productions, (BeckenBach, 83, 132, 46)