Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You saw me standing alone

Free gift skin from MIASNOW

This time of year is nutso in Second Life and Real Life both. Everyone's restless and on the move, and airports are beginning to blossom with Christmas trees like big, bright reminders to STAY NICE because SANTA IS WATCHING.

I took my toddler from Atlanta to Orlando. It was kind of fun to travel with her -- I am a stern bitch of a mom, and I don't let her get away with anything. I also tend to give her actual attention at airports, unlike this one mother who...let's just say that she found her cellphone more fun than her screaming toddler, and I wanted to send my Dansko up her Pradafied ass.

In Second Life, I'm trying to resist the hunts. My inventory is giving me big-eyed looks of the "no moooore" variety, but how could I resist MIASNOW's lovely blue gift skin? It went so well with ~momo's~ new release jacket and a skirt in the same sea shade from Honey Kitty that I gave in to Christmas spirit...

Anyway, conference time ho - ! I present two thingies on Thursday.

Flopping on Rosemary Galbraith's couch

***Skin: MIASNOW Skin - December gift - Jasmine Frost 1
***Skirt: Honey Kitty (blue-green) polka dot flower skirt & bag comes with it 8D (two versions of the skirt, and three different holding positions for the bag)
***Coat: ~momo~ cozy coat in sea
***Socks: ~momo~ DoveSocksiesSky
***Eyes: Treasured Visions Large/Caribbean Sea by Malkavyn
***Shoes: Akeyo Chucks Skulley
***Prim socks: (Shiny Things) Prim socks in sand
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Star II in sea

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