Saturday, December 6, 2008 a bare rose? Is it just the stamen and pistol bit?


This is my favorite Bare Rose outfit (in honor of Winter's Bare Rose dressup meme, finally) -- it's the Kokopelli. Ellantha Larsson gave it to me one day after saying -- "OMG you'll love this dress!" She's right, I do -- it comes with an awesome cowboy hat (not shown) and three kinds of skirts.

I'm in one of Canimal's new cute hats, atop the Fluffeh hair from House of Munster. The hair is a wonder -- it's adorable and has a color-changing script in shades of grey (there are other color palates available at the shop). I do love the little hats from Canimal -- they're perfect Gothic Loli wear, especially for big high pigtails like this one (and Drac's SuzyQ too).

My SLink Anya skin is lovely -- Elusyve Jewell posted about one of them, a tangerine shade that looks bloody stunning on her, and I had to hop over and see all the rest. The lips are lush but tidy, as if a very proper lady had a hidden naughty side...

I'm back from my conference! Now to finish out the semester...


***Hat: Canimal boneyard voodoo hat
***Lipring: *No Mercy* Lip Piercing
***Earring and necklace set: Bliensen + MaiTai LazyAngels set
***Shoes: *katat0nik* ghostfire boots in gray
***Tights: petit ange *an* knit_tights_mossgreen
***Outfit: Bare Rose kokopelli
***Hair: Lolli Munster Fluffeh (color changing) in greys
***Skin: SLink Anya Skin Pale Smokey Eyes


Alyx Sands said...

My mum's a florist-she says a bare rose is one where the thorns have been ripped off-florists have tools for that which look scary!
That is one lovely dress, with all the turquoise details!

Auntykuro said...

Aha ! Thanks, Alyx!

ellantha said...

*says in a happy drunken post-party voice* I did buy ya the dress but i'm not the lovely lady who posted wearing the nifty tangerine colored slink skin. Methinks that was Elusive.