Monday, December 29, 2008

Ruff Enough


Tonight I went for a wander. I stopped by Studio Sidhe and chatted with Faery for a while. Turns out the two of us are in the same field -- she studies early childhood education and tutors special education students. I study slightly older students. Much to my glee, she said something that I truly believe about education -- that nothing will be fixed until we learn through play, instead of at school. Faery was also wearing one of Schadenfreude's skins, and I kept chuckling to myself because it felt like I was talking to a slightly curvier, more Australian version of Allegory. Interesting how the skin sometimes makes the avatar...

I digress. At some point during the day Marni quietly slipped a number of neat things into my inventory. Wearing Royal Blue generally makes me feel immediately hip with all of its chunks of unavoidable color, as if I've been rolling in Vogue from the mid-60s. Today, Marni released a few new things -- a neck ruff with a color changing script, a bag, and shoes. I love the peep-toed shoe with the color-changing heel! As I mentioned earlier I never actually carry a purse IRL, so I never think to equip one in SL, but I admire people that do. This bag looks like it might even hold a third of my hefty inventory! The neck ruff is pure Elizabethan goodness.



***AO: Luth Handbag AO, right hand.
***Lip ring: FlipSide Kitteh bell mouth piercing set
***Socks: Schadenfreude green knit stripey socks
***Jacket: Royal Blue This is the new check
***Pants: Royal Blue Taupe Harem High Waists
***Shoes: Royal Blue Peeping Tom in Candy and Jet with color changing script on the heel
***Neck thingie: Royal Blue Ruff Stuff with color changing script
***Bag: Royal Blue Slouchy Pouchy Racer Green
***Gloves: ~silentsparrow~ (lime) nemu suit
***Tattoo: *Alices* tattoo Macy
***Skin: SLink Bijou Skin Pale Green
***Hair: *Zero Style *Roussy*Dark Chocolate

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