Monday, December 1, 2008

People at work (part six)

Ashia Tomsen, katat0nik Pidgeon

Hello! Welcome to the sixth post of People at Work. I've finally archived these under their own tag in my journal, over here, and it's going to become more of a once-a-week thing. Fun, eh? It's been great fun snapping photos, too.

Dot Lane suggested that I link to people's blogs, and it's a fine idea. I've done that with this post -- every name points to whichever blog is in the user's web tab in their profile.

I hope you've enjoyed this series so far! Please ping me if you're interested in having your photo taken. (With the exception of Dec. 2 - 6 -- I'll be in Orlando at another conference, and I'm not sure about internet access.)

Akasha Divisadero, Betty Doyle, Bambi63 Rehula

Tilly Tokyo

Shelly Toonie, Dot Lane

Siri Woodget, Lola79 Heinrichs
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