Saturday, December 27, 2008

People at work (part eight)

Olivia Connaught, Sysy Chapman

Welcome to another People at Work! It's winter holidays (well, at least in this hemisphere) and time for another round of herding people into my photoglobe. The first seven times were a lot of fun, and as promised, this will be a continuing series (whenever I can collect enough people for a post). Today was fun -- I finally hunted down the elusive Tesla (and ironically enough, we can't see her shoes), and Amyla came with a fit-looking baby bump. I've also got a range of designers, bloggers, and genuinely helpful people caught in the act of Second Living, and it was lovely to meet and capture them all.

Stacy Pryor, Patience Xie

Lyanis Sin, Marni Grut

Tesla Miles, Amyla Wakowski

Ofelia Laval


olivia connaught said...

yay! thanks for letting me be a part of it, ach. <3

Anonymous said...

Woot! That was fun! Thanks so much for including me! <3

Amyla Wakowski said...

*blushes* Well, you caught me a couple days postpartum. I was a lot bigger on Tuesday!

If you'd grabbed me an hour or so earlier, you would have had another bunneh. :)