Saturday, December 27, 2008

Outfits by Zenith


Cajsa introduced me to a great wee design shop called Zenith. "I thought of you because it seemed like your style," she said, and she was right. I'm getting used to baring my tumtum (as my child calls it) in SL, especially if the outfit is worth it. In this case, the overt sexiness of a bare midriff is offset by the dorklicious argyle-patterned socks and skirt, and the designer follows through with cute accessories in the same pattern. The quality is nice, including a tiny prim skirt with attached belt that actually fits my scrawny arse for a change.

I'm wearing four different outfit using parts from Zenith, and I've spelled out how I've mixed them below in credits (sorry if it's confusing about which bit goes with which outfit!). I think I most dig those wrinkled-up pants. I don't think I've seen their like in SL before (you might have), and I know I'll be wearing them quite often.

Outfit 1, Outfit 2

Outfit 3, Outfit 4

***Horns: Archetype by Hybrid - Horns - Ethereal Shade
***Hair: House of Munster Fluffeh in white-black
***Skin: Fleur Cream Biba 3
***Outfit 1: ::= Zenith =:: baggy (black) -- 13 pieces including the shoes, belt, bra, tattoo, vest, everything!
***Outfit 2: ::= Zenith =:: Cream dress with tights from the B/G/Y Checker Skirt with Long socks set, and tattoo from the baggy set
***Outfit 3: ::= Zenith =:: Shinning Bead Gold Dress (armband comes with it), with Silk-Scarf (store gift), tattoo from the baggy set, and tights from the B/G Checker Skirt with Long Socks set.
***Outfit 4: ::= Zenith =:: B/G/Y Checker Skirt with Long Socks set, with top and tattoo from the baggy set, and a B/Y/G Checker Scarf (sold separately)
***Shoes: Tekilah Elytis's Phlat Ballet Flats with color-changing script


Cajsa Lilliehook said...

So glad you checked out Zenith. I was pretty sure you would like it. Your outfits you put together are fab - I really like the look.

Samara Barzane said...

Cajsa made Zenith her dress-me challenge for me. Will post shortly. And you look wonderful :)