Friday, December 5, 2008

Orange flame and antlers


I'd seen a lot of Uncle Wiggily around the Fashion Planet feed in the past few days and had to wander over to check it out. Indeed, the sim is adorable, and Esme's creations equally so. I'm an avid SL gardener, and loved the little garden thingies (I purchased the rose lights and doodled flowers), and due to Savoir Hair's post, I purchased one of the Uncle Wiggily hairs. Mm, cute pigtails! The color was a match with this outfit from (no, not Bare Rose) Discord. Once again I was distracted from Bare Rose! Oops...

I also saw a picture of Tesla's new heeled oxfords and can't wait! They look completely adorable, and nicely made as always. I put on a pair of Tesla's shoes in anticipation, hee.

Today I have no conference. Instead, I am bumming around with my old but exuberant Thai aunt. She was a school cafeteria cook when she worked, and boy did her school get spoiled -- she did some amazing things with the ingredients she was given and made the cafeteria food one of the highlights of the elementary school. She's also been known to show my husband (also a former cook) a thing or two. It'll be a fun RL kinda day.


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***Antlers: Uncle Wiggily 20 / patchwork antlers
***Hair: Uncle Wiggily Wigg 01 / Dorothy hair / red
***Outfit: Discord EN-KAKU Orange Set (hee, there's a skirt version with dirks!)
***Skin: Wasabi Pills Miss Wednesday - Light - Fresh/Dark Lips
***Shoes: TESLA Ziggy heels *eden*
***Tattoo: Alices Garden tattoo macy

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Heather said...

Sounds like you are having a great time! (I realize I'm like 4 days behind)