Monday, December 22, 2008

Move over, Sugarplum Fairy


It is maddening and awesome when Allegory and hyasynth release new things on the same day. My wardrobe lies all strewn around my skybox and I can't figure out which to wear! In this case, I decided to wear both, because the two together worked well for a ballet...

The Mouse King (by Schadenfreude) is enacting his evil anti-Christmas agenda on the Nutcracker prince, only to be distracted by the sweep of a seductive skirt. It is the crow girl, Maida! But whose side is she on? Will she aid the ailing Nutcracker prince and his toy soldiers? Or will she rally behind the fluffy ones and help them steal the sugarplums?

Maida is whimsical -- her agenda is her own. I bet she helps both sides, steals the sugarplums, and flits away laughing in her mocking crow voice...

Allegory made the mousey mask for the Mouse King suit as well, and it has its usual million pieces. hyasynth's Maida dress comes with a dizzying array of options too, including corset, shrug, and bra on every layer, and three kinds of bottoms and two tails. Also notable in this outfit is the new hair from House of Munster, the Edgy. The bow is by Mochi of Pink Fuel, and I think the heavy bangs adds a corvid feel to the outfit. The shoes I had to get when I saw them on Azia -- mmm, such wrinkles and buckles!



***Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ Maida suite (ash)
***Collar, necklace: Violet Voltaire Love Like Blood in overcast
***Hair: House of Munster Edgy in black and white with bow by Pink Fuel
***Skin: MiaSnow *mia* Dahlia - the sultry
***Boots: Redgrave Girls' biker boots in black
***Lip pierce: *No Mercy* lip pierce
Mouse King:
***Shoes: Lazy Places Synth Boots in Black shoe bits
***Hair: Kin-momo-white
***Outfit: Schadenfreude Berry Mouse King Outfit and mask

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Unknown said...

Maida suit is stunning!