Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fleur Biba/Dress Me Up 17: Ach by Candy


Imagine my sheepishness when Roslin poked me in her blog about Fleur's Biba skin. It's true, it's my favorite Fleur skin (and such a tough decision, all of the skins are lovely), and so when I got a small preview of the skins I Hoooooo'd ( \o/ ).

I quite adore the updated Biba. The lips are a touch fuller, but the 1930s film star glamour remains. The eyes have maintained their dark wash of makeup, and the cheeks their subtle shading. I especially like the way the eye makeup is blended -- it's dramatic but not garish at all. Great job as ever, Roslin!

The rest of my outfit is inspired by Candy: Pick something from Chapeau Tres Mignon that is utterly whimsical, and marry it with dreamy, romantic gown. I see something white, with enough ruffles and lace for a Shoujo manga. Annnd, some super sexy boots like the ones from J's or Bax.

I spent several days wandering around trying to find the perfect gown that was white AND fluffy. This must not be in vogue -- fluffy dresses are not often white, and white dresses are often sleek instead of fluffy. This dress isn't entirely white, but it is very definitely shoujo manga, and the white bits are madly fluffy. It's a new release from Curious Kitties, and comes with the added prize of a CSR card. Mmm, CSR (more CSR cuteness here).

The hat in question is Chapeau tres Mignon's La Pierrot hat, which prompted Draconic to say: "Ach, you have a face on your head." Yes, yes I do, and I really love the hat. I'm not sure I want to take it off...


***Skin: Fleur Allure Alabaster Biba 1
***Dress: Curious Kitties Krai Dress - Green
***Hat: Chapeau tres Mignon La Pierrot Hat
***Shoes: J's Side Lace-up Thigh High Boots
***Hair: BettiePage BP* Micky Dango Hair


Heather said...

That skin is very lovely on you.

Candy Lemmon said...

So, secret out: I actually requested this of you because I have almost the entire Chapeau store in my "Hats" folder, and I can never tell how to wear them! I love that you choose the new Biba skin too. I sort of pictured a vaguely gothy pretty girl manga like the ones from CLAMP, and this fits the bill perfectly. Yay!