Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dress Me Up 9: Ach by Cajsa


Cajsa was lovely and researched what kinds of things I'd like before suggesting two very specific items, the Nightshade Red outfit from Rebel Xtravaganza, and Dark Elf Skin from Fallen Gods. One can never have too many little skirty gothy outfits, nor too many Dark Elf skins, so I went for both. I think Cajsa is right, the skin is very elegant for being drow -- I like the scribblework aroud the eyes, and the shading is very precise too.

I'm wearing them with jewelry from Little Boy Blue -- I've been on a LBB kick these past few days, because Christmas just cries out for little skeletons. Isn't this time of year about death and rebirth, after all? With me is Schadenfreude's Ellie and antlers, both things you can get if you click 100000 times on her Christmas stocking of doom. I'm kind of addicted to this stocking.

There have been a lot of bloody gorgeous posts lately from this challenge. I've enjoyed every single one! Thanks for playing -- it's really turned SL back into a game for me.

***Outfit: Rebel-X- Nightshade Red
***Skin: Fallen Gods Dark Elf Female Skin, Dawn Thorns
***Gloves: amerie's Naughty Sugary Armwarmers (red)
***Pierce: *No Mercy* Lip Piercing
***Necklace: Little Boy Blue Merskeleton necklace
***Earrings: Little Boy Blue Jingle Bells earrings
***Skates: Skoopf Icicles Steamers LE
***Tattoo: MiaSnow Candy Heart Tattoo
***Hair: House of Munster Glitch in black and white
***Eyes: Blue Blood Evil Skull Red Eyes
***Antlers and plushie: From Schadenfreude's amazing stocking

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