Friday, December 12, 2008

Dress Me Up 5: Ach by Sakuradawn


Sakuradawn said: Clothing from Canimal, hair from Truth. I decided that surely Sakura wanted to see these on boy-me, so...I present the gayest elf this side of Rivendell :D. I'm still feeling very happy wearing other people's suggestions. There's never a bad time for Canimal, and I think the jacket looks awesome over this flexible turtleneck (part of ~silentsparrow's~ Sylvan suit) and smokin' hot pants from [][]Trap[][].

Selos Dae really does know how to make boys look sexxeh -- look at the workmanship on the sculpted pants bits! I kind of want to pimp my elf out in Lothlorien now -- perhaps work some rough elf trade in exchange for Lembas and a broach or two.

Ah, I just noticed the Armoire Diversity Challenge from Ana Lu! What a neat idea. And hmmm, I think this post just fulfilled the requirements.

The question, however, remains: Am I hotter than Sven? :D


***Gloves: Sprawl the Shove Gloves (flora)
***Collar: Schadenfreude spike collar w fancy buckle
***Hooves: Lazy Places Hya boots in Grimace (sold at Axis Mundi)
***Jacket: Canimal Rocker Jacket in Leopard purple
***Undershirt: ~silentsparrow~ from the Sylvan Suit in Violet
***Eyes: DEN-DOU eyes in violet
***Hair: Truth freebie -- Jamie in Violet _Dark
***Skin and ears: Schadenfreude Thistle Sennyo Ears, Thistle Senjo Suzume with black nails
***Pants: [][]Trap[][] Black Lacey Pants


Dawn said...

I could never get Sven in those pants, lol.

I love Boi-Ach!!!

Auntykuro said...

:o but they're such awesome pants! with garters even! :D

Dawn said...

You know, he does love garters...just not on him......I need those pants.

*ponders how to get Boi-Ach out of them*


Anonymous said...

*shakes her head and closes the window* Gay elves are not supposed to make my naughty parts tingle!

Great job Achariya, you look awesome!

Alyx Sands said...

I can see gay boi Ach elf wandering straight (pardon the bad pun!) into someone's naughty fan fiction....*giggles*