Monday, December 22, 2008

Dress Me Up 18: Ach by Lookr and Elora


fayne said, Hi Achariya. Would love to see you in some pieces from Lookr, we've got a good selection of casual wear, with jackets, shirts, tops and various accessories to deck out in. We'd love to see what you can come up with!

Lookr has a very, very cool store! It's underwater, a series of glass bubbles connected by tubes -- despite this, it manages to be extremely elegant. I know I'll be spending more time wandering down there. I picked up a few items -- a cute little dress, a bolero jacket. The jacket is especially neat, a fun design that will appear on more outfits of mine, I'm sure. Thanks for the challenge!

Elora suggested: Why not somethink ethnic? Little fish qipao or some afro hair from bp?

I snagged the Little Fish Qipao POE dress, but when Tomo and Azriel sent me this Falln gown as a Christmas gift, I knew that this was the ethnic outfit of choice. I'm not sure what ethnicity -- perhaps otherworldly is a better description, eh? I'd like to imagine that this deer-woman stole her master's enormous rack of Illusions antlers and walked off into the snow by her lonesome, looking for warmer climes.

And with this last suggestion, I am done with my challenges. Yay, everybody, thank you for playing! It's been quite a remarkable adventure, and I'll get up the energy to do this during the Summer. *chuckle*


First outfit:
***Socks: Shop Seu kushukushu kutsushita black
***Hair: Darkstar Designs Zoey Black
***Skin: Curio Pearl-Emerald-Frex
***Shoes: Tesla High Oxfords Black
***Jacket: LOOKR - Fox - Cherry
***Dress: LOOKR - Minidress - White & Black
***Choker: Handmaidens Star Choker
Second outfit:
***Choker: Handmaidens Star Choker
***Antlers: Illusions Odocoleinae Antlers
***Hair: BettiePage BP* hippie girl hair 2 brown denim
***Skin: MiaSnow Foxy Girl 3
***Dress: Falln Lanalii Gown Orange


London Spengler said...

Awww. Thank you for the challenge meme, Achariya, I have had a lot of fun with it.

See you again in summer, I hope *smiles and waves goodbye*.

Fayne Khandr said...

Looking lovely, Achariya. Well done for meeting all the challenges! ;)

Auntykuro said...

Hehe, thanks, guys, I quite enjoyed playing this game!

Elora said...

Beautifull! Just like I'd imagined. I also did my last dress me up, albeit only my second: