Monday, December 22, 2008

Dress Me Up 17: Ach by Arcadia


Another challenge answered, this one from Arcadia: How about some hair from Deviant Kitties and some clothes from GothiCatz? This outfit was really an exercise in seeing how many cat-themed shops I could get into my credits. We've got ... Electro Kitty, Atomic Kitty, Curious Kitties, Deviant Kitties and GothiCatz. Go me? After getting so catted-out, I scanned through lovely Miss Analu's blog to find a properly destroyed sim, and was soon in Saijo City.

I quite like the pants on this GothiCatz outfit, although I keep wanting to cover up my boobs.


***Collar: Curious Kitties Warm Fuzzy Collar
***Boots and gloves: Electro Kitty Black Neko Ninja Set (from summer CSR)
***Ears and tail: Atomic Kitty Wolf Basic Set in black
***Skin: DEN-DOU Gothneko straycat skin, lucky board set
***Outfit: GothiCatz Blackout (female)
***Hair: Deviant Kitties [Whites] Dasha


Unknown said...

Yay! You went to Saijo City! ^^ <3

Arcadia Nightfire said...

Fabulous! Blackout is actually one of my favorite GothiCatz outfits.

I've not been to Electro Kitty, though. Hmmm, must go check that out.

Unknown said...

hmmmm... I never been to GothiCatz :0

Auntykuro said...

GothiCatz is an interesting store. I like a little more tummy-covering in my goth, but it's got some nicely textured things.