Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dress Me Up 16: Ach by Alyx, Ashia and Charlemagne


Awright, Alyx. It is really kind of difficult to look like Lawrence of Arabia in Second Life, especially after the limit that I set myself with this bunch of challenges. I'm answering three today, and my self-imposed rule was, Must be stuff from my inventory, nothing purchased! Let's pretend he doesn't have a small moob issue either...

The three challenges were as follows:
Alyx: I'd love to see BOY Ach as some kind of emo Lawrence of Arabia type.
Ashia: I'd like to see you in traditional japanese. Kimono, obi, full hair with ornaments and of course the skin.
Charlemagne: One suggestion, if you get the chance: Ookami Ningen and Zero Style Hairs

The cowl was quite difficult, I must admit, as was the skirt. As it is, I think the skirt gives poor Lawrence-brand-Ach a bit of an arse issue -- it's bustled. Also, he's wearing garters beneath that, from the Sister Light outfit -- shh, don't tell. The other two outfits were quite fortuitously in my inventory. I've got more traditional kimono, but I really love this gothic kimono dress from Zephi's Shop and jumped at the chance to wear it again. The Harajuku furs from Ookami Ningen are simply fun, and I think Charlemagne was right, this shop really goes well with hair from Zero Style. Thanks, another three fun challenges!



Kimono outfit:
***Boots: J's Side lace-up thigh boots
***Kimono-dress: Zephi's Shop Kimono Gothic dress
***Skin: Mijn Boa's Geisha Skin, free at Hotel Dare. this is a landmark to the sim - it's somewhere. I always lose this darned shop, it's called "free shit that doesn't suck" or something.
***The geisha hair and ornaments no longer exist; it was from a shop called Soulfire. *moment of silence*
Lawrence of Second Life outfit:
***Skirt and cowl: Little Heaven Sister White (meant for girls!)
***Skin: Den-Dou Ichiro Pale /06 Eyeliner
***Shirt: Last Call Dressage Ruffled Blouse -- another shop that is no more. *moment of silence*
***Swords: Discord from the Shino - Black set
Ookami Ningen outfit:
***Collar: Lazy Places Fishbones Collar
***Pierce: Black Moon Mouth Pierce
***Shoes: Draconic Kiss Double Strap MaryJanes
***Outfit: Ookami Ningen ON Harajuku Punk Furs Natural White
***Tattoo: Alices Garden Tattoo Macy
***Hair: Zero Style Roussy Darks - Raven
***Skin: Draconic Kiss Plague Doctor Porcelain
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