Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dress Me Up 14: Ach by London and Liana


I'm combining two challenges. One is from London: So many submissions and styles! But what about a gown? If you have any strength left after so many challenges, I think I would like to see you in a very sober one, like Nicky Ree's Constelation Grace Gold. You may choose any other but the conditions are no frills, clear tones and long gloves. Ah, yes, you can also get a little updo for it... See what happens? You teach me a word and I go and use it against you *smiles widely and waves*. The other is from Liana Arai: My suggestion is dress from Icing, hair from Ingenue and shoes from either Periquita or Kookie. Skin choice I will leave up to you :)

Instead of purchasing a frock from Nicky Ree's, I decided to stay true to London's theme of a long sober gown in a clear tone (hm, I assume black is a clear tone) with long gloves, but went for Liana's suggestion of Icing instead, figuring that the styling there was classic enough for London's prompt too. The shoes are hiding beneath my skirt, but they're Periquita's Mary Janes, and the little updo is Ingenue's Marilyn, which isn't an updo so much as pincurls...but still leaves the neck bare to suit the line of the dress.

Please notice the new items in this outfit, Stuido Sidhe's jewelry set, the Silver Filigree with Bell bracelet (more of a glove), earrings and pendant. They're just glorious, especially the glove-like metal around the wrist and upper hand, and make me feel quite luminous as I stand around in a black gown.

This outfit was fun; thank you for the challenges!



***Jewelry: Studio Sidhe Silver filigree with Bell set, Bracelet, earrings, pendant
***Dress: Icing Jezebel
***Hair: Ingenue Marilyn in black
***Gloves: Fleur Gloves Long Black
***Shoes: Periquita Mary Squares in black
***Tattoo: Alices Garden Tattoo - Macy
***Skin: DEN-DOU Gothly Skin - pale - dark (and eyes)


Cajsa Lilliehook said...

What is so cool about these challenges is that no matter what, your own style still comes through.

London Spengler said...

It isn't the idea I had in mind but, where would be the fun if it where?

I think it was an absolute success to combine both challenges, and Cajsa is right; you kept your style (wich is what I was trying to avoid, but the result is worth seeing :-).

But... Frock? Pincurls? I used to think my english was good enough *fakes a pout and leaves*.

Auntykuro said...

It's true, we all have our unique styles!

Ehehe, yeah, I figured that it was a little more gothy/retro than you'd had in mind, but that's the fun of it.

Frock = dress
Pincurl = 50s way of curling hair.

Kellie Iwish said...

Aww, Ach! You look soo prudy! <3