Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dress Me Up 12: Ach by Guenevere


Guenevere said: I would suggest clothes from Rebel Xtravaganza, Hair from C + C, Shoes from First Flower, Accessories from Schadenfreude. Lucky for my wallet, I had items from every single one of these designers in my inventory. I love ~First Flower~ shoes and really wish the designer would come back and play in SL s'more. I also love Schadenfreude stuff (if you couldn't tell), especially these little Lennon glasses that I got during the Magic of Oz opening hunt. The hair from Crimson + Clover is such a cute style that I think I need it in more colors, although the bright red contrasted with the teal green is in keeping with the unfortunate color vibe that I've got going this Christmas season. Shuddup.

I was also lucky because I'd just purchased Rebel Extravaganza's brand new Black Swan dress, the "Not Your Average Fairytale." It's the second Rebel-X- Item I've worn for these challenges -- Rouge is totally popular! Black Swan is also a great event -- I've loved everything I've purchased from it.


***Glasses: Schadenfreude Green Spectacles
***Shoes: First Flower Hoya Strapped in Black
***Hair: Crimson + Clover Sydney - Red
***Skin: Curio GP Pearl - Emerald - freckles
***Outfit: Rebel - X - Not Your Average Fairytale

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Anonymous said...

woohoo! Awesome combination! :-)