Monday, December 8, 2008

But are the boots made out of gryphon skin?


Wahaha. I received an IM from Neferia this morning. "Thanks for writing about my dress yesterday. I'd better release it, then." Ooops. I've done this to poor MiaSnow too! As always, designers are lovely about stuff like this, but I guess I have to warn you that if I have something in my inventory, chances are I'll write about it -- let me know if it's out yet or not!

Definitely released are these awesome Christmas Gryphon boots from Lazy Places (check out all of the new releases here), new adorable hair and a sweater from BettiePage (Creamy wrote about the gifts in the shop here), and new skin from Fleur. The Fleur skin is richly colored and washed in a soft layer of powder for a very elegant look, straight out of Gigi. "Thank heavens / for little girls..." Hm.

Rebel-X- just sent this cute strawberry gift to her group, too. It's frozen, so I highly recommend wearing gloves, or your fingers will totally stick.



***Gloves: Sprawl Shove gloves
***Boots: Lazy Places Gryphon Boots in holiday colors
***Pants: Pixeldolls basic jeans in burgundy (store freebie)
***Hair: BettiePage BP* autumn loose brain in gold
***Sweater: BettiePage BP* border shirts/boat neck/trico
***Strawberry huggie: Rebel -X- december group gift, frosted strawberry
***Skin: Fleur Allure Ivory Winter Nights 1
***Scarf: /artilleri/ sue neck scarf in red polkadot, xmas gift.

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