Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bowling on my mind


A week back when I was photographing people, Neferia came to the shoot wearing this pretty patchwork dress. I put it on today and decided to wear it with a wash of neutral colors. I like how comfortable my avatar looks! IRL, I'd put it on and head straight for a fire with some marshmallows for roasting and hot cocoa.

In SL I think I'm going to put up Christmas decorations today! Not only has Schadenfreude gone nuts with a tree farm in Horst, but /artilleri/ has too, with a Christmas Workshop where the bowling alley used to be. IRL, I might just put up my tiny Christmas tree ... it's small and plastic until my toddler has the self-restraint to not climb the tree, but we make homemade ornaments every year.

Speaking of making stuff, this morning my daughter and I collaborated on our first personalizable figurine! She did the hard part, like the hair and the clothing, and I did the face. I think we'll do one together every year, and see how her artwork changes over time...


***Jewelry: LUC lushwood necklace, scarlet/silver
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Flare Oxfords in brown
***Socks: (Shiny Things) prim socks in sand
***Shrug: ~momo~ manguitas shrug in dirt
***Skin: Nomine Sylvan Skin in china white
***Dress: Ivalde Silja dress in patchwork
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