Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All wrapped up for Christmas


D'awww, thanks, Dark Eden! I really enjoyed entering this contest, and I thought that all of the finalists were extremely talented. It's fun to put on tiny bits of metal and look all dangerous, and I hope it somehow exhibits the qualities of a Miss December. (Hm, perhaps I should've worn antlers?)

In honor of Dark Eden (SLURL HERE) I'm wearing their Lilith Holiday Boots and Xmas Shibari rope. I noticed that Carissa Crimson got a complaint about the Dark Eden Shibari advert, and would like to mention that Shibari is a very exacting Japanese form of rope work. The fact that Dark Eden has enough of a sense of humor to make a Christmas version of the ropes makes me feel overjoyed -- only in Second Life can we find this kind of meeting of cultures, and I celebrate it.
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