Thursday, November 27, 2008



Once upon a time, a skin shop named Wasabi Pills handed me a review pack of skins. Then, I put it into my "November" folder, and lo, it fell into the abyss until today when I was looking for a pretty skin to go with katat0nik's new Star Knit jumper. I hopped to the shop to see what Wasabi Pills was like, and tugged Ellantha Larsson with me.

"These are hand-drawn and look super-cute with the store's shape," Ellantha said. "The skin needs a slightly smiling shape -- our default shapes are a bit serious for these skins." I trust her judgment about skins and shapes implicitly (the woman should really get off her bum and put her shapes up in her shop), and put on the store shape.

The skins really are lushly drawn, and in this shape I've got such a saucy expression. I'm wearing it with the adorable new Star Knit Jumper from *katat0nik*, and hair from Lolli Munster. I tugged Allegory over to see her hair last night because of a certain very cute mohawk, and encountered Lolli in the shop. "Er. None for you," she laughed, "The vendors are down while I retexture the tips."

*sigh* Fiiiine. The hair I'm wearing is still super-adorable, so when she's back online I recommend a trip over to her new li'l store. The hair comes with a color-changing script, too, for people like me that are eternally restless about their avatar's look.

I'm about to turn on the Thanksgiving Day Parade and entertain the toddler all day while the husband cooks for us. It's cold, and I have hot coffee. A good day really!

Miss Friday - FAIR - SMOKEY DARK CHERRY (hey, eyes forward, av!)

jumperthingie05 jumperthingie04
Miss Wednesday - LIGHT - FRESH/DARK Lips, Miss Friday - FAIR - CANDY

jumperthingie03 jumperthingie02
Miss Friday - BRONZE - GOLDEN MADNESS, Miss Wednesday - LIGHT - TOXIC/BLUE Lips

***Hair: House of Munster Vira in black and white
***Outfit: *katat0nik* (red/purple) Star Knit Jumper
***Shoes: Unique Needs Death Dolly goth Mary Jane Pumps
***Legwarmer thingies: amerie's Naughty LoC_Socks in red
***Skins: Wasabi Pills
Wasabi Pills / Miss Wednesday - LIGHT - FRESH/DARK Lips
Wasabi Pills / Miss Wednesday - LIGHT - TOXIC/BLUE Lips
Wasabi Pills / Miss Friday - FAIR - CANDY
Wasabi Pills / Miss Friday - FAIR - SMOKEY DARK CHERRY
Wasabi Pills / Miss Friday - BRONZE - GOLDEN MADNESS
***Shape: Wasabi Pills Miss Wednesday Light shape

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Heather said...

You look adorable I love that turtleneck! I'll have to head over to Kat's! Happy Thanksgiving *Hugs*