Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Velvet skirts for Winter

skirts04 skirts03
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MMf. it's morning time I think, and we're staring Thanksgiving in the face. I got my first SL Thanksgiving freebie yesterday, a group gift from Pink Fuel of a little shoulder-sitting turkey. Speaking of turkeys, have you seen this turkey pardon, Palin style news item? Palin stands around sipping coffee while turkeys are slain behind her, one after the other (not for the vegetarian or faint of heart).

I'm nattering on sleepily while my husband dresses my child for school. My child is in a welter of colors -- she tends to dress herself. In contrast, my avatar-chan is wearing four different kinds of skirts, all from ~silentsparrow~. hyasynth created this set of skirts (called Grimly) because she had a need for something flexible, lush yet severe, and she really has filled a niche. I put them on with something bright and saucy from Schadenfreude -- the corset from the caged set in lime (it was an Oz hunt item, but other colors are available for sale).

On my head is another of those wonders from Fade Dana. This one is the Stitched Medusa hat. It comes with a mask that I haven't shown, three kinds of goggle options (big, small, unscripted), and cap versions with and without straps. If you zoom way in (or click to the larger version of the photos), you can see the quality workmanship in the leather, the stitching, the metal bits. Once again this actually pwns hair...

Okay. I'm back to sleepily facing that eternal question: ham or turkey?



***Skirts and leggings: ~silentsparrow~ Grimly Skirts in Soot. Four skirts in the pack! A-line, ballgown, lolita, and punky. Also comes with leggings, shorts, and _eyes_. Hee. Armwarmers are from Devana.
***Hat: Fade Dana's Stitched Medusa hat with goggles and straps and stuff
***Pierce: *No Mercy* Lip Piercing
***Boots: Lazy Places Synth boots in black
***Shirt: Schadenfreude Lime Caged Corset (this one was a hunt item, but there are other colors available)
***Stockings: *katat0nik* mortido stockings
***Tattoo: Alexitimia Tattoo Spinal Anaesthesia


hyasynth tiramisu said...

both! ham and turkey >.>

Mourna Biziou said...

/votes for ham

Cyn Peccable said...

Not to distract from the gorgeous new Grimly skirts - which indeed fill a niche for a basic (yet, very non-basic in their lovely execution) wardrobe staple...but...I find the lolita skirt from the beloved set also works really well with various silentsparrow tops/corsets.

Writing this, I'm realizing I really should be buying the grimly skirts too, for my non-lolita moods. (Mentally working on new angle to justify to husband the purchase of more lindens...)