Thursday, November 27, 2008

People at work (part two)

MiaSnow Myriam and Rosemary Galbraith

O hai. Let me flood the Fashion Planet feed with photos. Ready for round two? Yep, I spent all day stalking people -- hopping on them, dragging them to my photoglobe, and snapping. I selected these people as a random sampling from my friend list -- if you aren't here, it's cause I was too shy to bug you, or you weren't online when I was photographing!

The theme for this post is (just like the first part) People at Work. I didn't give anyone much time to style up, I was just interested in seeing what they wear for a day around the grid. Some amusing moments happened...Like with Fade Dana, who appeared in bunny ears. I didn't ask, but I can only assume the worst: she's been trying to seduce Peter Rabbit! Adaire DeCuir took an extra minute to put on a frock, and Belochka hastily covered her torso. "Er. My nipples were showing," Belochka admitted. Poe never seemed to stop flying, and Pixie Tungl came in non-Pixie shape, but they were all excellent sports about the whole endeavor.

A number of people weren't online today, so I might try for a round three... (Unless y'all are sick of this!) I've been loving the different styles I've seen today, from posh lady to pinup bunny to urban sculptie (ok, I dunno what to call Rouge's style, but it's cute). This post will undoubtedly truncate -- click to see more. :D

Draconic Lioncourt and Neferia Abel

Phire Zuhra and Poe Tatum

Rouge Darcy and Pixie Tungl

Adaire DeCuir and Jessica Ornitz

Fade Dana and Triangle Cauldron

Lolli Munster and Belochka Shostakovich


Caliah Lyon said...

Some extremely talented and creative people you have here, what a great idea.

Unknown said...

You've done such great pics for the series, thanks very much for asking me along! I'm wowed at the diversity of styles (my baggy sweater not included lol).

Belochka Shostakovich said...

Bah, the above is me, stupid not paying attention to my log in. :P

Creamy Cooljoke said...

I'm loving these Ach, the pics came out brill and it's great to see everyone's different styles....more, more, more...

Catero said...

/me pokes Lolli in the belly. ♥

MarĂ­a Elena Velasco said...


Rosemary dressed? lol