Saturday, November 8, 2008

Orange you glad I said yellow?

Dollarbie dress from Elate!

My child has a hugely snotty nose (what else is new) and is currently parked in front of Disney's Imagination Movers. I found myself kind of staring at the show this morning, going, "You know, those guys are kinda cute..." Someone slay me now. At least it's better than the Fred/Shaggy fanfiction that's been in my brain.

I'm still on my butter/sunflower/yellow kick, much to the relief of everyone who is sick of orange, I'm sure. This cute frock, named Kaylee, is from Elate!. It's a store dollarbie that Kellie created in honor of her birthday (her favorite color is yellow). I went to check and it's still there, so if you hustle over you can get it...

I went and raided the G Fields shop of all of it's gorgeous sunflower-colored stuff the other day, and here it is -- these butterlicious shoes, the choker, the hair flower, the earrings. There's a bunch of other stuff that needs to wait until allowance day for me to purchase, but I'm definitely indulging my small fixation. ...Butterlicious is totally a word.



***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Elsa in Ivory
***Skin: Schadenfreude Elsa in Alabaster Orange Smile Chest Upper Chop Lower (anat)
***Dress: Elate! Kaylee - store dollarbie
***Eyes: Treasured Vision Flecks Large/Golden by Malkavyn
***Shoes and hair flower (in same box): G Field *GF* Lady Rose Shoes in Orange and hair flower
***Earrings: G Field *GF* Leaf Earrings in Gold
***Necklace: G Field *GF* Sunflower Choker

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Nivaya Barbosa said...

Imagination Movers RULES!
First time she ever saw it, my daughter proudly declared "I like the one with long hair and a beard!" as pretty much all the men in her life (her dad, my husband, her dad's friends) all have long hair and beards :D