Saturday, November 8, 2008

More realistic avatar, anyone?

more realistic avatar

I'm hopping onto the "make a more realistic avatar" challenge (over here). Fun! Usually I figure I want to spare everyone what I look like, because I'm short, have no boobs, and generally take on the appearance of a frazzled mom/student nerd type. But this looked like fun, so I tried it out.

Shape. I started with Minajunk's Wimpy shape. I made the hips narrower, torso longer, gave it more tummy fat, and shortened the legs. Then I made the nose much, much bigger.

Skin. Minajunk's Wimpy skin is exactly what I look like, more or less, sans wrinkles. Ah well, my SL av doesn't have the child attachment...

Hair. amerie's Naught almost has hair frazzled enough for me.

Outfit. Lucky for me, TheCloset tends to have exactly what I wear IRL, which is a combination of jeans and comfy high-waisted dresses (to emphasize the smallest part of me around my torso, sigh).

Shoes. I don't own clogs in SL! I'd better rectify this situation.

Tote. I usually carry around a tote bag in which I stuff everything that my daughter might need, food to extra clothes to books... I figured I'd put on the ferret tote from a past Albero gift hunt. The ferret about sums it up.

Wrinkles. IRL me has MANY more wrinkles. I'd better go looking for pre-wrinkled clothing...

Thanks for the challenge -- it was fun to play.
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