Friday, November 21, 2008

Mm, conference hotel room


I'm sitting in my hotel room in San Antonio, which is why this isn't a REAL blog post. It's cold outside! Google weather lies -- it said the temperature would be in the 70s, and it's totally in the 40s. I'm about to walk down to the Riverwalk and hunt down some lunch, then attend some panels... It's been nice to simply sit in my hotel room and work -- peaceful, quiet, no responsibilities to my daughter. It's very seductive...WAIT gotta get off my ass...

Today, my avatar is wearing slightly rebellious conference gear. I think I might do the same -- black t-shirt with my plain grey pants. Oh: beware of the Riverwalk. I got dinner at a restaurant down there last night, and a mariachi band pounced! I die of embarrassment when people do loud things at me in restaurants (like sing happy birthday), and the mariachi band was not only loud, they were also touristy! Ahhh...when mariachi bands attack...

I'll be spamming flickr, no doubt. Bah, off I go.

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