Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Les yeux


Whenever Bambi63 has a new release at The Closet, I hop on my transporter beam and head right over. I got there and saw some adorable coat-dresses - ! I've been hankering after a cute coat after seeing Aoharu's offerings on the feed, and this one suited perfectly. Along with the coat were these neat fuzzy-wuzzy ankle things. They cling, they have pompoms. They are in my newest color fascination, which is butternut.

And now, I am going to point you to my eyes. Usually I don't bother writing about my eyes because they are always Miriel's (I'm sorry Miriel -- I love your eyes, they just are so much a part of me that I forget to credit you). Today, I am trying out something new, gifted to me by the magician of Oz himself, Malkavyn. They're from his shop Treasured Visions, the Envy eyes in rose. He's got a number of eye looks at his shop, and I'll sneak one in here and there... I like the depth of them. Hm, I have no idea how to write about eyes yet, but I like these 'uns!

Political moment: Around Athens today, people were practically glowing. Athens, Georgia is a lone blue spot in a sea of red counties, and we had an enormous voter turnout. I was happy too -- the collective, proud shoulder-straightening of the people of color (and other Obama voters) in town was nice to see. ...Yep, I voted for Obama, but I respect that everyone decided their candidate based upon long, hard thought.

And now I'm watching a BBC show about bunny pee. ...Have good evenings, everyone!



***Outfit: The Closet C.GirlyDress in Orange
***Legwarmer thingies: The Closet BoaLegWarmer in Beige
***Eyes: Treasured Visions Eyes in Envy large/rose by Malkavyn
***Lip ring: *No Mercy* Heartsie
***Earrings, collar: Violet Voltaire Love Like Blood in Underground
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Button Boots in brown
***Stockings: ~silentsparrow~ meatcake dress stockings in, I fail, this was an LE color.
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Sarah II in Dirty Blonde
***Skin: Fleur Allure China Perish 2

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