Monday, November 24, 2008

Inu gryphon


Lazy Places released a set of inspired boots! They're called the "Myth Boots", and come in four flavors of mythic monster -- Harpy, Centaur, Satyr and Gryphon. Today I'm in the orange Gryphon, and you can view the other boots here!

The rest of me is inu. MiaSnow released an all-white version of her puppy skins (the last one was dalmation). This one comes with cute little fuzzy white ears and a tail, and the makeups are neat -- dark red, rosy, and blue. Blue-lipstick doggy very unique -- stop by her shop to see the photo. No, my eyes aren't closed in the above shot, they're simply glittery and all-black. The eyes are also new from MiaSnow, and I love how insect-creepy they are against the pale fur of my face. She's got them in a range of colors (including orange, but it didn't quite match the doggy face).

Guys, I'm getting out-of-shape with my nose down in SL all the time. What's your favorite way to move around after a whole day of MMORPGing? Do tell. (And don't be naughty, my daughter reads this blog :D.)



***Boots: Lazy Places Myth Boots Gryphon Orange
***Scarf over the head: Curious Kitties Drape Hat & Scarf Set in Orange
***Outfit: *katat0nik* (orange) Mortido dress
***Hair: -Hiccup Nerd Swept in Brown
***Eyes: MIASNOW Eyes - Wild Pack - Black Shiny
***Skin and ears: MIASNOW White Doggy Girl 1 + ears

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Heather said...

that scarf is really cute I want one!