Tuesday, November 4, 2008

In Spanish I'm El Gato in a sombrero


I am staring at my shoes very thoughtfully right now. Siddean named that shoe-color 'butternut,' and I'm kinda drooling. The color looks like faded gold mixed with a bit of shadow and sunset, and I think I need more clothing in this particular shade!

I distracted myself from election results by playing with new clothes from M&R Cupcakes. I've been a fan of Rosemary Galbraith's stuff since her Oh! What a neat....boutique days, and I'm happy to see that the hand-drawn quality of her clothing is only enhanced by her association with Mimi Coral (formerly of ♥ Cupcakes). I'm poured into this ensemble -- a soft-looking corduroy skirt with a nicely wrinkled silk camisole, and over that a knit shrug. These pieces come in a bevy of layers and colors, so you can create your own palate.

The hat is this side-squashed Elegance Hat named Greta, undoubtedly after Garbo. Yep, it's red. Maybe wearing red over my brain helps me think, I dunno. I thought that this red and gold ensemble would look nice with darker skin, so I reached for MiaSnow's Foxy again.

I've really enjoyed writing about hats - ! They've made the outfits stand out, I think, and I should remind myself to don them more often.

Someone stop me from mousing over the cnn.com map. I can't help myself.

Edit: Congratulations to the winners and losers of the presidential race. Well done, and both sides were gentlemen.


***Hat: Greta Elegance Hat in red silk
***Bracelet: (luc) Heartwood bangle in gold
***Earrings: (luc) Han Hana Leaflet Earrings in orange/yellow
***Shoes: SLink Mary Janes in butternut
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Calico in Midnight
***Skin: MiaSnow Foxy Girl 10
***Jacket: M&R Cupcakes Cropped Cardi in Gold
***Tank: M&R Cupcakes Long Silk Tank in Gold
***Skirt: M&R Cupcakes Corduroy Skirt in Red


Nivaya Barbosa said...

I'm fairly obsessively watching CNN...husband's trying to get me to go to bed :D

Siddean said...

I'm desperately trying to get the google maps election gallery to work, I think it's being hammered at the moment! Might open up photoshop to get my mind of your darned election!

*waits anxiously hitting refresh on google maps*

Auntykuro said...

http://cnn.com works quite well, siddean!

Siddean said...

Yah I have the TV on, most of out free to air channels are doing a complete, live coverage! It's a very nerve wracking time

Heather said...

You look adorable! I want that shrug! And also we've had cnn on all night it is pretty mesmerizing!

Dahlia Eilde said...

hi5! I love this colour combo and that cropped cardi is so sweet.