Thursday, November 6, 2008

I stand in the rain, wearing black


Happy four years of designing, DoC Eldritch! DoC released this dress today, which he says hearkens back to his designs of four years ago. I am barely into my second year in SL, and can't imagine what designers had to work with (and against) in the dark days of yore. This dress is lovely, however. It's got a slight fish-tail prim skirt that descends from below the hips, and you can wear it with system skirt or pants layer. It's definitely got a traditionally gothic feel, so I wore it with my goffiest attachments. Calico's Mary hair -- a high Rennaisanse...Ren. (grr, I freaking hate this word) Renaissance updo with cascading locks down one's back.

I've also been enamored of this awesome necklace from Candy Cerveau's Eye Candy. It was made for Crimson Shadows, and I definitely need to wander by her shop to see what else she's got going.

Photos (and boots) were taken at the beautifully damp Lazy Places. I hope standing in the rain doesn't make my avatar's cold any worse...



***Earrings: Lassitude and Ennui Medea in black & crystal
***Shoes: Lazy Places Synth boots in black
***Eyes: Treasured Visions Glam: Large/Aqua by Malkavyn
***Tattoo: *Alices Garden* tattoo-Macy
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Mary in halloween LE (gone now, but the original hair has awesome colors)
***Skin: Boneflower Designs Ebon Dusk Stalker
***Necklace: Eye Candy EC Onyx Scorpion Necklace for Crimson Shadows
***Outfit: Doc Eldritch DE 4 Year dress -- 13 pieces, including a system skirt and tan belt option.


Alyx Sands said...

Heh-DE Designs was the first proper shop I ever visited back in February 07, and there I bought my first outfit....which I still own. A little while later, though, I discovered hya's clothing and knew, this was *it* :-)

Carmilla Mirabeau said...

*presses nose against monitor*

are you missing your panties? LOL