Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hunger and thirst after righteousness


Yesterday, I was on a mission to look like a pilgrim. I don't know why. Well, okay, I know why but I'm vaguely ashamed to admit it -- I rewatched the South Park Starvin' Marvin episode, and was caught by the extreme irony of the following line: "You see Starvin' Marvin; this is what we call an appetizer. This is what you eat before you eat, so that you'll be more hungry," spoken to someone from a famine-ridden land. I guess I'm dressing like a pilgrim to remind myself that on this deeply ironic holiday, I should remember the tough pilgrim bizitches who also fought poverty to get us here. (What the heck did I just write?)

I have to say that the quest for the perfect pilgrim hat introduced me to a lot of lovely people. Thanks to the people of the ~silentsparrow~ group for pointing me at various hats. Allegory finally mentioned the Illusions group gift from a year ago, and I put it on -- ah, perfect, the pilgrim's wife is borrowing her hubby's chapeau! I hear a rumor that Siyu might just give a lovely hat like this to her update group today.

My outfit is a combination of Schadenfreude, Edelweiss, Kurotsubaki, ~silentsparrow~ and Little Heaven -- see below for what bit goes where. It tried my best to look like the pilgrim vixen here, which is why so much mixing. Anyway -- here's hoping that us USers can all pig out for those who can't! Or turkey out! ♥

Wahaha. I just figured out that the Edelweiss outfit comes with a few animations and gestures, including one that makes the poor maid explode -- to match her thigh-strapped cherrybombs. Neat.



***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Estampie in dark velvet
***White shirt: Schadenfreude from the Azure Wolsey Pinafore outfit (the white shirt bit)
***Cape: Kurotsubaki witch cape - hm, hope this wasn't seasonal.
***Undercape with jeweled cross: Little Heaven from the Sister outfit in white
***Dark undershirt: ~silentsparrow~ (violets) sylvan undershirt from the set
***Hat: *~* Illusions Pilgrim Hat group gift from last year
***Skirt, apron, cuffs, socks, gloves: *Edelweiss* Roberta
***Hair: BettiePage BP* Braid Headband


Cyn Peccable said...

I have to say you look a bit more vixen-y than the illustration! (Perhaps it's your absence of bible?)

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, sending out a big "Thanks" for your blog - it's a daily must-read for me - thoroughly enjoy the way you weave your rl into your sl fashion commentary.

Astrid Kiranov said...

I love that look! Glad you found something. :)

Like Cyn, I love your blog, and it is a must read. Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!

Heather said...

You make the most adorable vixenish Pilgrim lady I've ever seen!

Auntykuro said...

Aw. Thanks, you guys. I fangirl y'all too. :p