Saturday, November 15, 2008

The cogged nautilus


Last week I wandered into ~silentsparrow~ and caught sight of two lovely women wearing the coolest steampunk helmets ever. One of them was Noam Sprocket. He was in a high-waisted wedding dress and the one helmet that I haven't shown here. "We're trying to figure out what kind of outfit works with this," he said, spinning daintily. The helmet suited the froth of white very well.

The other woman was Fade Dana, creator of these amazing helmets. She was in a short sleek frock, and the helmet worked with that too. She'd been working on these for months, and finally had them just about ready for release.

"Let me know the second they come out!"

Yesterday, vendors appeared in her satellite stores (she's still working on a main shop), and I am excited to share photos of two of the three helmets. I admit a special fondness for the Gruff with it's three horn options, but the Nautilus has a beautiful blue glowing facemask that makes anyone's features ethereally pretty. My own decision was to pair the helmet with hyasynth's steampunk frock, the Toxine, in a nice coppery-coggy shade.

Some things in SL just make me want to squeak like a shoujo schoolgirl, and this is one of them. Have lovely Saturdays!


nautilus05 nautilus03
These are some of the parts to the Gruff hat

chamberednaut01 nautilus04
These are two parts to the Nautilus hat, with and without the glowy top thingie

***Hats: Fade Dana -- The Nautilus and Gruff
***Eyes: Treasured Visions Abduction Large/Brown by Malkavyn
***Boots: Lazy Places [LP] Synth Boots in Black
***Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ (cocoa) toxine dress suite
***Skin: [Curio] Pearl - Nightshade


Noam said...

You can click on the blue bubble over the face on the nautilus and remove that too.

The hornless gruff is my favorite (with the floppy parts) because it makes me think of a hat a troll would wear. :) I think she might have named it troll...

Belochka Shostakovich said...

*Joins in with squeaking* These are so wonderful, I had to go to get Gruff as I couldn't wait! Lovely pictures of you in them. :)

Kghia Gherardi said...

For some reason this look reminds me the movie Brazil.