Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Coffee, tea or bed?


I've never felt so much like a party crasher at the kool kid's cocktail fête as I did on plurk today. Plurk feels like a strange Instant Messenger cocktail party where popular people have a small flock of chatters around them, and the quiet people hide in the corner. I'm a corner-hider myself, so while it's fascinating, I think I'm way too shy for that venue of expression. I'm not sure why it's different with blogging. Perhaps it's because people read this by choice, whereas if I blather something stupid in plurk, they're forced to have it on their timelines!

I'm flying to San Antonio tomorrow for a conference, and for some strange reason a few pals and I are chatting about the height and weight restrictions placed upon flight attendants. Did you know that there's a rule that requires proportionality? ...It strikes me that SL characters are shoe-ins for flight attendant positions.

And neither of those topics have anything to do with this cute, beautifully-textured dress from Elate! It's called the Nivaya dress. I tried to drag the woman in question over to photo in the dress, but SL absolutely wasn't playing along today. Sorry, Niv! Instead, I put this dress on and instantly felt snuggly. The prims are very nicely done, sleeve and skirt, and the texture makes me wanna touch it. ...Come to think of it, bed is snuggly too. Hm, I think I might bid you good night...


***Dress: (Elate!) Nivaya dress in chocolate
***Eyes: Treasured Visions ~TV~ Flecks: Large/Pink by Malkavyn
***Watch: *KUROTSUBAKI* rabbit bangle watch
***Lip ring: *No Mercy* Heartsie
***Boots: J's Goth Ribbon Laceupboots in brown
***Socks: (Shiny Things) Soft plaid socks in tan
***Ears: Atomic Kitty [ATOMIC] Pierced Rodent Ears in White
***Hair: BettiePage BP* yuka chignon/brown
***Skin: Minajunk skin exotic pink


Milk McCallen said...

Eep! What a gorgeous sweater and stockings. I must go and buy when I have a free moment to shop!

Raindrop said...

This brown is gorgeous. The whole outfit looks soooo comfy!

Heather said...

Ha I love that title... also I have that book. I feel weird on plurk too, you are my only friend so really I'm just posting for you to see haha.

Auntykuro said...

Thanks you guys -- yah, comes in a few other snuggly colors too, although my favorite was totally the brown.

Ahaha -- you have that book? I'm glad, I thought I was hallucinating about it...

Nivaya Barbosa said...

A DAGGER IN MY HEART!!! *giggles* <3 Kickings for SL, but dear god it looks lovelysnuggly on you :D I feel honoured to custard that Kellie named such a lully dress after me :D

I saw a documentary about picking flight attendants once, or rather, about a girl who had some growth disorder but more than anything wanted to be one, but was too short, so she had leg-breaking surgery to make her taller so she freaked me out a bit, who'd have thought there's be such a selection process for the job o.o

And yay for Plurk! <3 Keep at it, it's funtimes, and ooh I must seek out Hethr and befriend her on it liek yay! :D

Heather said...

It's a funny book, I should send it to you.

Violet Voltaire said...

:O!!! Texas!?!?!!? *groans* I miss that place to death. *le sighs*