Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Coat of plus-ten snuggliness


I love this coat. It's so well-constructed and cute that I...almost didn't want to write about it, hehe. In the interest of sharing, it's **DP**yumyum's new A Line Coat in yellow, and it can be found at the newly-snowy sim of iTuTu (credits below). Ellantha and I hung out there yesterday, and Ellantha said that she loves it when sims change with the season. I quite agree -- the second-hand chill that I get from playing in virtual cold is nice sometimes.

While wandering iTuTu, I stumbled into Den-Dou and was reminded that Den-Dou skins really suit my avatar. The eyes are always cutely blended for that slept-in-my-mascara look. I also like the playfulness of the Neko skins. What's my avatar been up to in these, I wonder? Bet she was trying to steal another Neko's cheese.

Fair warning, I can no longer find the store that made my hat - ! Does anyone know what happened to Lapin et Anato? I miss it, it was an adorable shop.


***Coat: **DP**yumyum A Line Coat/Yellow
***Pants: M&R Cupcakes Basic Trousers in gold
***Earrings: Violet Voltaire Dia De Los Muertos Earrings
***Hat: Lapin et Anato Horn Pig Hat -- wait, where'd it go? Anybody know?
***Gloves: net gloves from the Honey Kitty orange honey witchgirl outfit
***Boots: KUROTSUBAKI feather boots in orange
***Hair: Kin-Candi-Orange
***Skin: DEN-DOU ODEN-02 SKIN S v1, with the gothly eyes

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Hethr said...

Those skins do really suit your avatar! I was thinking that when I saw the gray one today and this one is equally as lovely on you.