Monday, November 10, 2008

Big fluffy pile of warmth


This morning the house was freezing. I crawled into bed with my daughter and used the poor child as a hand-warmer for a little while, sticking my icy hands onto her warm back until she said, "Mommy! QUIT IT!" and squirmed up. Then I went and got a sweater and a cup of hot coffee and decided to get a big fluffy coat for my avatar.

I was inspired by the gorgeous Miss Piek this morning. She was wearing a coat from Baiastice, and I decided that I'd better go check out the shop. Sure enough, I found something that suited me, in a burnt-buttery shade that I've been wearing lately.

View from the photoglobe. I put up some winter trees!

I figured that the rest of me had better be quiet and let the coat talk, so I'm in sleek black from SLink, with boots from J's (note to J's fans: there are a few awesome new releases in the shop!). I had no idea that this thing came with a hat until I dragged the folder onto myself. Suddenly I had a big, cute pile of fluff atop my head! It was a bit difficult finding hair that suited the fluff-pile, but -Hiccup is always a safe bet. So far, -Hiccup's got some of the best hair for hats that I've found in my (admittedly limited) explorations.

Stay warm, everyone!


***Fluffy thing: Baiastice Stereo Jacket in Acid_brown
***Tail: Curious Kitties Broken Tail - Black Forest
***Skin & Eyes: Curious Kitties Sajiahar in Red
***Hair: -Hiccup Amelieish - Black
***Pants: SLink Sexy Catsuit Pants

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