Friday, October 10, 2008

Nekos in black leather


When I casually asked Pixie to send me a few photographs of herself in a witch outfit, I had no idea I'd be starting this incredibly fun series of women (and Dakota, whichever s/he is today) in Halloween garb. It's been grand, and I've been impressed daily by the creativity and thought that went into both the outfits and the photography. They photographed themselves in evocative ways, too, with nekos in coffins and axe-murderers in quiet little towns, dancers against melancholy backdrops, and Hethr's usual interestingly photographed background all decked out with spiders. This is to give us a greater feel for the ambiance of the month -- because clothing in SL isn't just an outfit, honestly, it's where you wear it and the story that surrounds it.

Dakota is no exception, and has photographed in Dakota's usual style with perfect attention to lighting and displaying the whole outfit clearly. Such a good blogger Dakota is! (Notice how I'm avoiding pronouns.) Dakota says:

I've put a Halloweeen outfit together. I couldn't find anything vampiric in my outfit so I've decided to go for some kind of demonic cyber neko kitty look. I realized that it's definitely harder for me to dress up for Halloween because this is how I normally dress (sometimes anyway!) The first two pics were taken at the Magic of Oz sim.



And here's where I got my things from:
***Skin: Emil Pale Skin 01 - Redgrave
***Eyes: Vishia's Eyes (Orange) AraluteZ
***Hair: Sway Hair (Black) - Aitui
***Lashes: Vogue Lashes - Celestial Studios
***Tattoo: What is the Matrix - iNFLiCT
***Outfit: Stheno Boy - Bare Rose
***Boots: Men's Revolver Boots - Beckenbauer Productions
***Ears: Neko Ears Pierced - Eat Rice!

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Hot Rockstar said...

Wow! I got the Stheno outfit too but it looks SO MUCH better like that!