Monday, October 20, 2008

We will we will PASS YOU


"Hey Achariya, why are you holding up a peace sign in all of your poses today?"

"That ain't peace, honey. That's V for VICTORY."

Yeah, I successfully defended the proposal for my dissertation project -- that means I can get a move on and actually do the research for this and write it. There are a number of hurdles to cross, like "will the human subjects board pass my proposal for studying people in an entirely online setting" and "will I have the focus to write a dissertation," but...ya know, the proposal step was so tough for me that I'm simply happy to be done with THIS.

What better way to celebrate than in a brand new ~silentsparrow~ suit, and the Halloween edition of the Witch-hazel II boots (I swear I will stop wearing these eventually)! I love the asymmetrical top, the crisp tails, and the depth of fabric. I also love the prim construction and the cut -- amazingly enough, the tails fit neatly over system skirts, which makes for an awesome mix with Seelie (see bottom photo).

Also note the neat scorpion jewelry from the Crimson Shadows event. I love it, and kind of want an entire scorpion body-suit now, for that "fresh out of 'The Mummy' look." Is my brain shot? YES IT IS! But anyway. Raise a beer for ABD (all but dissertation) girl - ! BANZAI!

Here's Entropy mixed with the skirt from Seelie, both by ~silentsparrow~

Here's Entropy mixed with the shirt and stockings from Seelie, both by ~silentsparrow~

***Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ entropy in amber -- comes with 11 pieces, including jacket, shirt on many layers, pants, prim cuff and tail...
***(Mixed with ~silentsparrow's~ seelie outfit skirt and shirt and stockings)
***Necklace: Eye Candy ~EC~ Onyx Scorpion Necklace -- on sale for a while at Crimson Shadows
***Nails: Shop Seu Black Nails
***Glasses: Schadenfreude Hardwired Specs with color changing hud
***Shoes: First Flower Witch-hazel II ~ Halloween Edition
***Faun parts: Queen Titania's Court female faun in fire
***Skin: Curio Pearl-Monarch
***Hair: Kin-Candi-Orange
***Tattoo: Alices Garden tattoo - macy
***Lip ring: from Ellantha Larsson


Heather said...

Congrats! I'm very happy for you and I'm sure the rest will fall into place now.

Kesseret Steeplechase said...


hyasynth tiramisu said...

See! yay Acha *hugs you tight*

Lawless McBride said...

yay!!!...makes you a victory hot chocolate with extra whipped cream!!

Allegory Malaprop said...

Woo! Congrats! I _knew_ you were going to nail it!

Severina said...

Aww Acha congratulations! *hugs* :)

Auntykuro said...

:D thanks, guys :D :D

i'm pretty freaking relieved.

Nissa Nightfire said...

Congratulations, Ach! I'm so happy for you :)