Tuesday, October 7, 2008

She liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiives!

Featuring Nivaya Barbosa as FrankenNiv!

The third girl in my Halloween series is Nivaya Barbosa (see Pixie here and Elusyve here). Nivaya says: Pics are in no particular order but I like to think that she wanted to find a party after she escaped from the lab, and is happy at the end :D

I like this plot-line too! Nivaya is clearly dressing around her most excellent skin, which is a new release from Schadenfreude. It has anatomical cuts on it, which accentuates Niv's slender model form in the best macabre way. She's also sporting a tough hairstyle, clearly because the mad scientist that created her needed to fuse metal bits into the sides of her head. She ripped them out before going out dancing -!

Two items in Niv's outfit are no longer available, which makes me feel kind of good. Remember to keep neat stuff! Someday, you'll put it on and know that it's vintage and ultra-rare, like your favorite Last Call coat, or that armband with the slingshot and bottle of ketchup from that one defunct neko shop...




Outfit credittos:
***Skin: Schadenfreude Alabaster Elsa Purple Smile Chop Upper Legs Lower (anat) *draws breath*
***Hair: Philotic Energy Xantha Ruby
***Eyes: (Miriel) Standard Eyes - Onyx
***Shirt: DC ~ HalloweenieHalter-3 (by Devilish Cupcake for 2007 Halloween hunt at Analise/DC)
***Skirt: Last Call Deliliah Deconstructed Tutu Skirt (no longer available)
***Stockings: G0th1c0: Rotten Stockings Black
***Necklace: Room )]34[( Glassbox in pumpkin (not yet available, soon though!)
***Transfusion bag: [Ranoel] Tranfusion Arm-band (no longer available)
***Shoes: Canimal - Gothdamn Stilettos - White (texture change)
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