Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sensuous adventures in pumpkin brains


It's been a bit of a crazy morning, but here I am with ~ First Flower ~ Witch-hazel II in White Frost (post four of the series), also wearing a gorgeous (free) dress from katat0nik. That neat pumpkin carving set is by Charming Poses, and I found myself sitting there for a long time with scoop in hand, vegging out on the state of pumpkin brains.

I love carving pumpkins. There's something about the squishy, seedy innards that makes me feel like a happy cannibal, all set to eat the raw brains of my victim. I especially like this feeling the weekend before another prospectus defense! Yep, round two. The first one was kind of a messy affair, the less said about it the better, especially on the internets. But Monday morning at 9 AM is my second one, and I trust that it'll go much more smoothly. I almost quit academia after the first one flopped -- but on the plus side, I like what I'm doing a lot more now!

I also like this outfit very much! I love the silvery sheen to everything, skin to hair to dress to boots -- I feel like a fallen angel in this outfit, someone newly plopped to earth, all set for sensuous adventures in pumpkin brains.




***Pumpkin carving rug, pumpkin, and pose: Charming Poses Carving set
***Boots: ~ First Flower ~ ~FF~ Witch-hazel II ~ White Frost
***Lip ring: *No Mercy* Lip Piercing
***Jewelry: Violet Voltaire Angel Earrings and Necklace in Silver/White
***Skin: Boneflower Designs Whispers of Night Deathly F [Ebon Twilight Stalker]
***Dress: katat0nik (silver) Strawberry Dream lucky chair dress
***Horns: From Queen Titania's Court female faun in obsidian
***Tattoos: Alices Garden *Alices* tattoo- macy


Heather said...

In that last picture you look very pleased to be eating punkin brains. Hehe I love the silvery look. Those boots are cute you're making me want them, I wonder how modifiable they are.

Dawn said...

ooooo I love that pumpkin carving set! I need to get one ^^