Friday, October 3, 2008



I think I like Halloween because it offers a paradigm shift. Tired of your life? For a night, become something else -- become someone that wears a mask, that revels, that steps outside of the boundaries of daily existence and into a place where all of the rules are different. Alcohol and drugs enact this kind of paradigm shift, and so does a time of year like Mardi Gras or Bacchanalia, where people's everyday existences become secondary to donning the Mask. I think we all need these rituals of renewal in order to exist as we are. Daily routines feel tired and old so often... the best way to buck the oldness is to put on a different self. In Second Life, this is as easy as dropping on a skin...

Perhaps that's why Second Life is so addictive. Shift your paradigm at the drop of a folder! Become something new with every alt... These thoughts and more are brought to you by a slew of pumpkins and an adorable Lolita frock.




***Crown: Violet Voltaire Pumpkin Queen Crown
***Necklace: Earthtones Chakra long beads necklace in pumpkin
***Earrings: Schadenfreude halloween freebie pumpkin earrings
***Boots and wand: from Honey Kitty's Honey Witch Girl set
***Hair: Draconic Kiss SuzyQ in pumpkin
***Skin: Curio/Gala Phoenix Radiance - Nightshade
***Frock: Passionate Neko Dreams Little Pumpkin Witchy
***Pumpkins (left to right):
Midnight Melody MnM Design freebie pumpkin from the new shop at Oz (sign is from the EtchD halloween freebie tattoo from last year)
!* Rebel -X- *! Pumpkin Chair [NO SHADOW]
Balderdash-The Raven- Jack-o-lantern
Passionate Neko Dreams Neko Pumpkin LG 1
The Lexx Glowing Raven Pumpkin
***Vines: from Relic's Halloween shop -- I'm not sure that there is one this year. If you know, ping me!

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[Rouge Darcy ] said...

Woot! Pumpkins all over!!! :D <3