Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lolita, dark and candy-esque

Sleepy Sunday

Poe Tatum of SRU strikes again with this fluffy Dark Candy Lolita dress. The frock has beautiful fabric (pan in on the designs in the lace!) and precisely constructed prim parts, making it a delight to wear. I put on the option that has a million bows, but all of the prims have bow-free options too! I'm wearing moar TESLA Hylda shoes, this time with a snakey print to the dark leather. Very proper, with just a hint of an edge from the buckles.

I'm kind of fried right now. This morning, our student housing power went OUT completely, and for some reason, falling off the grid messes with my brain. It could be that I suck hungrily from the teat of electricity like a little modernist tick; it could be that I needed a reminder of the ephemerality of the luxurious life we've got here in the US... or it could be that I need some coffee asap.

At any rate, I'm squatting at an internet cafe for my fix, hoping that the happy electricity dudes fix our power soon, or we'll have an entire fridge full of rotten red beans & rice and squash it is, two half-baked quiches are sitting forlornly (and soggily) on our kitchen counter. (Lest you think that *I* have these cooking skills, no, it's my chef husband.)

Okay. Back to sucking internets while I can!

Sleepy Sunday

Sleepy Sunday


***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Wrath I in Snow
***Skin: Boneflower Designs Whispers of Night Deathly Female (Ebon Twilight Stalker)
***Frock: Skanks R Us (SRU) Dark Candy Lolita (comes with hat and socks and gloves and bow vs. no-bow options!)
***Shoes: Tesla Hylda boot in black snake
***Lip ring: No Mercy <3 eartsie <3

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