Saturday, October 11, 2008

Like the winter in July


This morning my daughter got us up at 7AM by turning on the bright overhead light in the bedroom. "Augh, shi--er. Darn," I swore, throwing my arm over my eyes. I know that when I was a child, I'd get up and see my hard working mother already bustling about the kitchen. Why am I not this kind of mom?! What is it about me, or perhaps my generation, that has more in common with teenagers than with adults? Actually, I'm sure other members of my generation are far more responsible than me. I'm a student; I'm a night-owl...I'm kind of the opposite of Bettie Crocker.

What makes someone an adult, anyway? I still love: comics, sleeping in, fantasy novels, slacking off, and candy. On the plus side, I pay bills on time and make sure my child has a relatively stable atmosphere, even if it does involve a ton of anime.

I guess we all have our talents. I think my own talent with my daughter is exploring with her. We have the best time hopping into my car and heading for parts unknown...for example, I really loved taking her to a huge fantasy convention to see all of the princesses and aliens. I guess that even though she's gotta wake mama up every morning, I still give her interesting experiences.

...O wait. This is about Falln! Post two of my series on Falln is about the James suit. I love the colors of the suit, and really like the brilliance of the embroidery on the shirt and sleeves and jacket. The entire ensemble (with the exception of the hair and hair thing) are from Falln, even the boots. I feel extra-elegant today!



***Outfit: Falln James Suit in Red. Comes with 18 pieces including boots, two styles of tails, two styles of sleeves, jabot, and short and long pants.
***Skin: Ma Peu Dare's geishas V2.0 by Mijn Boa (freebie) -- you get it at this sim in a shop called "shit that doesn't suck" or some such.
***Hair: Zero Style Roussy Dark Choco
***Hair fan thingie: Soulfire geisha hair with thingie, dollarbie!
***Nails: Shop Seu Red Nail
***Lipring: *No Mercy* Lip Piercing


Hethr said...

You know Craig and I talk about that a lot. We're still in the pre kids planning stages, but well we just don't feel like we could be parents.

I mean we spoil the guinea pigs and take care of them, heck when I give them baths I even blow dry their hair so they don't get sick. But I still barely make dinner we eat out a lot, I'm a terrible housekeeper and we both spend countless hours in SL.

I guess this is the new type of adult? Or did our parents have hobbies that were similar and we just didn't realize because we were young? Good question, sorry I'm rambling its early here have to take the piggies to get their nails clipped at the vet.

Achariya Rezak said...

I had one goal before I became a parent -- I wanted to become financially responsible. I got there, and then I felt 'adult' enough to have a kid. I think kids organize people's lives...we ate out a lot too before we had Alba, now we cook nearly every meal. I say jump in and let the changes blindside you. There's never a 'good' time. hehe.

Hethr said...

I do know that haha. We're on the 2 year plan right now in the Bay area so if this works out great maybe we'll start trying to buy a house. I think that's when Craig would feel "ready".

Mourna Biziou said...

Wow, gorgeous.

I love the treatments you're doing on the pics for the Falln series, as well.