Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In the style of Hethr Engle


O hai. I'm in ur style, stealin' it. I decided that it would be fun to look over the posts on the fashion planet feed, find someone's outfit that I thought was particularly inspiring, and then TOTALLY NINJA IT using items that are already in my inventory. I think I'll call this series (not that it'll be consecutive, just whenever it strikes me) "In the style of ___."

Today's is inspired by Hethr Engle's post over here. Key elements I pulled from her outfit were: mini skirt with nice heels, a plain white shirt over a scarf, a shrug, and a headband. I went blond with bangs to match Hethr's look, but instead of a skin with dark eyes and pale lips, I went for one of the new SLink Bijou skins with a slightly darker lip and light eye. This was totally fun :D. Watch out, you could totally be next.


***Skin: Slink Bijou Pale Pink
***Watch: *KUROTSUBAKI* bandage bangle watch
***Headband: Japancakes +j+ Wooden Heart Headband
***Lip thingie: *No Mercy* Heartsie
***Earrings: (Violet Voltaire) Queen of Hearts earrings
***Scarf: ~Vette's Boutique~ Shemagh scarf in red
***Shoes: ::69:: Succubus pumps in snow
***Skirt: Schadenfreude Ghost Revenant Miniskirt, from the set
***Shrug: To a T Wednesday's Valentine Wish shrug, from the set
***Shirt: Ash Style plain shirts white (store freebie)


Heather said...

Hehe cute!! You can ninja my look anyday! One thing I thougth you were a pirate not a ninja?

Auntykuro said...

hee hee hee, you're so right, i PIRATED your look <3